Say no to prostitution

Research shows that millions of girls in Nigeria are trafficked to different countries of the world for prostitution and the traffickers go to the length of cajoling their victims’ parents with pointless promises of good  and creating wealth for the children and the entire family.

Research further shows that countries around the world have more than 100 Nigerian girls trafficked for sexual use. These traffickers force these young girls into the trade by seizing their passports, scaring them with charms and oaths and restricting their access to money and contact with family members.

They attract the girls with material things and end up collecting all the dividends of the dirty job from the girls in return. All they do is to feed and clothe them just to look good for sex.

FG targets $1.5bn revenue from new deep offshore contract

All these girls at various countries are in deep agony of being sex slaves, working for others, living terrible lives and exposed to diseases. Sexual organs are infected, wombs destroyed. They suffer emotional trauma and some get killed along the way, especially those  not willing to comply.

A victim once  said some of these traffickers go as  far as encamping  young girls in a building , employing guys to have sex with them both day and night and end up selling  their babies to various people .

The Nigerian ambassador to Burkina Faso is working towards joining forces with the International Organization for migration Office in Ouagadougou to assist in the voluntary repatriation of some victims of human trafficking.

The best solution, I believe, is for parents to monitor their children and not be fooled by the idea of green pastures abroad. The girls themselves shouldn’t jump at every opportunity of going abroad but instead be committed to what they can do and they know about. They should know it’s not necessary to go abroad before they can make it.

Government intervention is very essential in this issue; government  should always cater for Nigerian citizens abroad through their ambassadors by placing close watch on Nigerians abroad.

The issuing of the Nigerian passport should be thoroughly scrutinized so that traffickers will be dissuaded while all borders leading in and out of the country should have maximum security and protection. Victims of sex trade should be rehabilitated and monitored to ease their entry into the society.


Arowosegbe Tolulope


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