Party Game Ideas

A party without games and food isn’t a party… well, let’s focus more on the party games. This keeps the party entertaining and well your guests won’t be bored either. Games can be played on any occasion and since Christmas is around the corner, why not!

To create an unforgettable party, seebelow5different games that you can play with your friends or even family…Who Am I, Have you ever? Truth or Dare, Don’t Say Yes, Two truths and a lie. You can also pop in at to find other party games going such as Sausage Party Slot and Bugs Party Slot  anytime. Let’s set the party on!

Who Am I?

Who Am I game is a guessing game? The player needs to write a person’s name on a card (Celebrity or Famous person), the card is then hidden and the person next to them need to hold the card above their head and make the player guess the card. The player needs to answer only yes or no. For example, if a player wroteKim Kardashian, he or she asks ‘’ is she famous’’ and the others answer Yes!


Don’t Say Yes

In this game, you are not allowed to say yes! You need to ask a question and if the other one says yes! Well, you can make your friends wear anything throughout the game, you can even put clown hats or even food on them! Just imagine what your friend  turn into at the end of the game!


Two truths and a lie

How well do you know your friends? Well… in this game, you would know them even well! The player will tell 3 statements on themselves. Two of which are true and 1 is a lie. You need to guess which one is the lie! For example, Betty has a brother, Betty had an accident at 4 and Bettywent to Harvard…


Truth or Dare

This game is probably the most famous one. It’s easy and simple. Plus, you get to know one truth of your friend or you get to make your friend do anything you want to.  But beware of this wild game and choose either truth or dare!


Have you ever?

Have You Ever is a game that can  teach you a lot about the person, so take advantage folks if your crush is at this same party, this is it! This is the game… You simply have your say Have You Ever and set any questions after and the person will say if he/she has or not!



Pictionary is a creative game where you have to draw! Those who saw The Big Bang Theory would know the creativity of Seldon Cooper.It is a fun game! All you have to do is draw something that’s in your mind and the guests will guess the drawing, the first one who got it right wins the game. What’s fun about this? Well, you get to draw anything!

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