On robotic reporting by media

The “invasion” of human space by robotics is felt in every aspect of human life. The activities robotics perform now and will perform in the future are made to declare that robotics does not only have the potential to make or break the world order, but that it will penetrate and permanently alter every industry in existence and also change the boundaries and meaning of being human.

All these indicate that robotics has the potential to cause significant disruptions to many hitherto known and established ways of doing things all over the world, including Nigeria. With the reality on the ground, if care is not taken, Nigeria’s mass media will be affected by robotic reporting operations. Robotic reporting is shaking up the industry and is bringing about changes within the profession and it is likely that software will play an increasing role in journalism and media.

Most of the news agencies in Nigeria already use Automated Insights software to generate articles about quarterly earning reports as they would not have the resources to cover otherwise except robotic reporting. One of the major functions of the mass media is the provision of adequate information about ongoing or current events in society as a way of serving the public.

It is the duty of the media to report about robotics and the sweeping effects it will bring on Nigerians. People need to be informed on how to apply themselves in the face of a robotics invasion which will surely affect their lifestyle.

As we move into a networked society, robotics will continue to supplement reporting and provide a helping hand for media companies in Nigeria. They will work together to do a better job and maximise limited resources by automating processes, carrying out routine work, providing a presence across multiple locations, and conducting data research all while cutting costs and increasing profit margin for mass media companies in Nigeria.

Khadija Isah Gerawa,



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