On procrastination

Procrastination is the thief of time. According to the Cambridge dictionary, “procrastination is the act of delaying something that must be done, often because it is unpleasant or boring. Procrastination happens when there are not enough resources to execute the set goals. Sometimes, the zeal and the enthusiasm to give birth to goals are at their lowest ebb.

Welcome to the world of delay! Before a dream is realized, the potentialities have to be manifested before reality sends the dream to the abyss; does procrastination have good sides for intelligent people? Intelligent people procrastinate for the following reasons; logical buying of time to do things, utilisation of bought time, self management and prioritisation of steps to be taken, significantly, it is a fact that procrastination is common among students, for example: postponing of assignment that ought to be done before the submission time, but instead the student gets distracted and postpone assignment.

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Procrastination has robbed many of golden opportunities and time. There is no need to procrastinate when one aims to be a great person in life. Those who make history and achieve great things don’t procrastinate. The phrase “Tomorrow and later” is the enemy of successful people, over the five past years that I’ve spent researching the science of success, I’ve discovered that successful people have the ability to “get things done even when they don’t feel like doing them.”

Procrastination can ruin a beautiful opportunities, damage business chances and promote failures because those who procrastinate are undermining and denying themselves of what the future holds for them, they are scared of failing again, they usually overrate themselves, assuming that things can be done overnight. Sadly, success is not accidental discharge! It is always executed with prompt steps. It is painful and regretful on the parts of those who procrastinate. They have allowed procrastination to rule their lives and wish they had never allowed it. Never work and walk in company of procrastinators.

Always remember time is precious and it cannot be redeemed, time waits for no one. Take a step at a time; make hay while the sun shines.

Steps that can be taken to overcome procrastination are avoiding distractions, never giving in to failure, always have a good rest and eat well, be determined to do away with procrastination and have a clear set goal and be motivated.


Obanla Deborah Irajeh,

Oyo State

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