Gov Makinde, please, ensure people’s safety on bridges

BUILDING overhead bridges to link one part of a town to another is a familiar feature of road construction works. However, the movement of people and vehicles on and under such bridges ought not to be a risky venture. This makes it necessary to provide protective bars on both sides of the bridges to prevent mishaps.

The overhead bridges on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway from Methodist area, near Toll-gate, to Iwo Road require government’s attention to forestall harm from coming to road users, especially pedestrians. The state of the overhead bridges at the Academy/Olomi and Muslim/Odinjo ends of the expressway calls for an urgent fixing of their protective side bars.

A lot of schoolchildren and other pedestrians are passing on these bridges and are vulnerable to distractions of what is going down on the expressway.

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A side of the bridge at Academy is littered and blocked with dirt. This is making it impossible for pedestrians to pass through the space provided for them. The implication is that they are being forced to use part of the space meant for vehicles. This is the risk passersby in this part of the town take every day.

Our governor, Mr Seyi Makinde, is hereby urged to look into these traps in the city of Ibadan and other similar cases in the entire Oyo State.

Bello Muyideen M,


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