On Boko Haram graduates

I want to use this opportunity to air my view on the Boko Haram graduates in our midst. In fact, in many institutions, there used to be the list of names of newly admitted students into schools. The names of all the successful ones are also published in the newspapers for the public to see even before their graduation; but for these repentant Boko Haram soldiers, the list of their names are yet to be made known to Nigerians, only their blurred faces are seen even in the newspapers.

At this point, one needs to ask our president and our military leaders the criteria used in integrating these people into our communities and our army. If people of this country are denied the knowledge of their individual country, age, local government areas alongside their educational background, at least their names should be known to the public.

One will not forget in a hurry the havoc done to the citizens of this country by the so-called Boko Haram soldiers. Law abiding citizens of this country, all the people and soldiers killed have families too. As if that is not enough, they go further to kidnap people across the country with ease, even attacking one of our governors. What do we say about the kidnap of the Chibok girls? What of Leah Sharibu?

It is very sad that while a set of Boko Haram repentant soldiers were being pampered and endowed with money, the widows of our fallen heroes in the hands of these men were left alone to bear their emotional trauma with their friends and relatives. What an irony of life?

Funnily enough, killing is still going on unabated in many states of Nigeria such as Borno, Benue, Nasarawa, Kano and the latest horrible one in southern Kaduna, to mention a few. If the solders names of the repentant  Boko Haram are not made known to the public now, one will not be surprised to see them in our Nigerian Army with their promotion being fast-tracked in ten years to come. Most of them might become high ranking Nigerian military officers.

In view of the above,  one needs to ask our Nigerian scientists, especially the psychologists, if a new microscopic machine that reads people’s minds is now in place in Nigeria. I mean, if you can see the physical outlook of a man, do you know what is in his mind? For it’s going to be suicidal for a man to live comfortably with his wife and children  with deadly snakes that have been killing his family one after the other under the same roof.

Ajayi Francis Olusegun, Ibadan.


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