On allocations and state spending

If the Bauchi State government is not planning to make foreign Fulani herdsmen benefit from the National Livestock Transformation Plan of the Federal Government to be funded by tax payers and oil money, then, it will be engaging in some monstrous misappropriation of taxpayers’ money.

What is the percentage of “Internally Generated Revenue” from Bauchi State to the monthly allocation it receives from the Federal Government? The oil money Bauchi state receives monthly will make it impossible for it to learn how to fish. Nigeria is not yet set to clear the path for its greatness by not planning to immediately restructure the country.

How can one reveal the way to generating more revenue for the government when some states gulp the allocations they receive from the federal purse in an annoying and reckless fashion? Consider the Federal Government’s plan to reintroduce highway tolls as a way of expanding its flagging revenue profile. I still cannot believe our economic and other financial experts cannot see other ways to tax the rich in particular and the best they can do is to point the muzzle of their gun at the poor.

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Transport fares will increase, costs of goods will increase. The return of tolls will, as concerned experts have pointed out, impact negatively on residents and communities located around toll facilities.

One can go on and on to list the negative impacts. Our experts who have the ear of government are not sincere about raising additional tax for the government because it will affect their own portfolio income.

Other easy ways to raise the tax that will not add to the poor man’s hardship abound. Let the Economic Advisory Council bell the cat. But come to think of it, does it mean no Nigerian has been born since the time of the sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, someone with a vision the size of Awolowo, who can replicate the Awo brand?

John R. Jimoh,

Ogun state.


Nigerian Tribune

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