Suspension of forest activities in Ogun

Some weeks ago, the Ogun State government announced the suspension of all activities in the forest reserves across the state. The suspension came as a shock to stakeholders in the sector, as no one expected such response from government; it was swift and decisive, as it was important to save the forest reserve from destruction.

The suspension was done as it was observed that trees were being felled, without regard for replanting. Tree fellers have no regard for the environment, as they had turned to moving deep into the forests to kill elephants within the forest, hence, the suspension was necessary.

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The suspension by the state government covers logging, timber exploitation, evacuation of logs and forest concession as well as activities in all government and non-governmental open forest areas. It was done to look into all issues affecting the State Forest Reserves and advise government on a comprehensive policy and process to ensure the sustainability of the programmes being implemented in the sector.

Another mistake made by tree merchants in forest reserves across the state was their erroneous belief that everything in the forest belongs to them. They disturb the natural environment where elephants live and kill them at will. In developed countries, it is an offence to disturb the natural habitat or even kill animals that live there. What these people are simply doing is using their overzealousness to reduce the population of elephants. The Area J4 prides itself as one of the forest reserve areas in the country where elephants live safely.


Oluwafunso Obasan,


Nigerian Tribune

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