Nigeria needs unity to prosper

EVERYBODY knows Nigeria is a country that is capable of being among the biggest economies in the world. We have the human and natural resources to make our country prosperous, but we are our country’s biggest enemies.

For some time now, the Niger Delta militants have been attacking oil pipelines, frustrating the Federal Government’s efforts to increase the sale of crude oil in order to generate more funds.

The Fulani herdsmen have been maiming innocent farmers and destroying farms across the country. Also, there has been a rise in the number of kidnapping cases all over the country.

All these point to the fact that we don’t really love one another. It is hightime we gave Nigeria another chance. I know that it was not a mistake that we found ourselves in the same country, but it is necessary that we come together so that peace can reign; after this, then our country will begin to thrive.


  • Aishat Kamaldeen,

Federal Polytechnic,


Niger State.

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