New year resolutions?

Hurray, we made into the new year. It is no mean feat to have crossed into a new year. Many fell in the last year. We are quite privileged to be a part of this new year.

As we step into the new year 2020, it is worthy of note that statistics according to the Federal Road Safety Corps, shows that, as at 27th November 2019 The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has recorded 8,527 road traffic crashes (RTC) across the country,4,163 people were killed in crashes during the period.

This would give an average of about 12 people daily since between January and November.

The official said that 59,724 people were involved in the road crashes in which 14,425 vehicles were involved;  27,408 were injured in the accidents while 27,523 escaped without injuries.

These statistics are deeply worrisome and would have been a lot more so if we had details of those that could have been avoided by proper maintenance and repairs of the affected vehicles.

I, therefore, enjoin every motorist to put as apart of their resolutions and plan for 2020, proper maintenance of this vehicles.


Here are a few tips:

Pre-trip inspections. The vehicle should be inspected by the driver, daily. A walk-around should be performed with a vehicle pre-trip checklist and any irregularities noted for immediate action.


Basic Service Routines.

Per the recommendations of the manufacturer, a thorough preventive maintenance schedule should be followed for each vehicle. At or before the recommended mileage intervals, the mechanic should perform all the elements of maintenance due at that mileage.


Vehicle Cleaning.

Interior cleaning and sweeping of the vehicle should be performed at regular intervals. Vehicle exteriors should be washed every week or more frequently as needed. Very important is to ensure all windows are clean and clear enough to aid good visibility.


Vehicle Repairs.

The need for a vehicle repair may be discovered during a pre-trip inspection, preventive maintenance inspection, or breakdown. The mechanic should carry out a proper diagnosis of the vehicle and ensure the right parts and tools are used for the repairs.


Documentation and Analysis.

Vehicle condition should be regularly documented through pre-trip inspections and problems discovered on the road should also be documented on a vehicle condition report by the driver. Also, all vehicle maintenance and repair activity and costs should be documented. Vehicle data will be organized for summary and analysis.

I strongly believe it takes a significant amount of discipline to adhere to these. It, however, is critical to monitor and control the use and cost of ownership of every vehicle.

Till I come your way next time, I wish you a happy new year and safe motoring.

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