Na who teach Ambode for sense (1)

After paying what he said was a thank you visit to President Muhammadu Buhari recently, outgone (by the time you are reading this) Lagos State governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, celebrated his new-found ‘wisdom’ with a glee, “I’m now wiser.” If the president’s kith wanted an expatiation, they would come like, na who teach you for sense, and if going rhetorical, it would go like, na who teach am for sense. If it is outright derision, our brothers up North would throw the Ambode jibe this way, who dash am for sense.

Without doubt, Bolanle’s husband has received enough in the hands of ordinary mortals like him, to receive sense, by fire, by force. The question is, what kind of wisdom?

As I pen this on the eve of many excellencies’ departure from government houses and legislative shrines, it is likely many of them, transiting from limelight to obscurity, at least for a while, would be having the Akinwunmi Blue, especially those with abolished desires and dashed expectations. The scripture assures that it is the expectations of the righteous that shall not be cut off and the wisdom that is required not to be pushed offline by political principalities like the one(s) who did Akinwunmi’s second term expectation in, is that, from above. James 3:17 lays it bare; “But the wisdom from above is first of all pure (undefiled), then it is peace-loving, courteous (considerate, gentle), (it is willing to) yield to reason, full of compassion and good fruits, it is wholehearted and straightforward, impartial and unfeigned (free from doubts, wavering and insincerity).”

This divine wisdom covers all ends, including capacity for emotional intelligence and if this isn’t what Akinwunmi has acquired, I’m sorry to say, he’s still holding on to a counterfeit and would be played for fool again.

Without preempting the new IQ acquisition, by human deductions, Tinubu and his isomogbe (mob) could be said to have taught him political wisdom, with the way the party leader crushed all the executiveness and richness of the former governor, to almost single-handedly determine his immediate political future. Definitely, there were hours and moments in those giddy periods of nomination, Ambode would have desired for a rewind, to re-deal. But without God on his side, he would still deal foolishly, even if the hand of time is wrung backward. Let’s consider that moment when man sealed his fate. A Tinubu-tokantokan GAC member told the story this way; “Governor jo ara e loju pupo. (Governor Ambode is pompous). Oga (Tinubu) was even going to consider him after many of our people pleaded with him, to allow him run for a second term. At the meeting called to settle the matter, Asiwaju just wanted to test his humility by saying, all I want is for him (Ambode) to step down and not contest the primaries. This man, who was nothing before Asiwaju brought him, just stood up and started arguing with him, saying he can’t step down, because he has bought nomination form and that he must contest the primaries. That was it. Asiwaju was so angry that he said they should allow everybody to go to the field and that was his (Ambode’s) end.”

Akinwunmi’s accounts of the events culminating in his bewildering banishment will likely differ in sentimental delivery, but what is not hidden is that a godfather got tired of his godson and fed him to prowling Bourdillion hyenas. That Ambode supposedly ended up in a lion’s belly isn’t all about riding on its back. When the way of man pleases God, He will make even his enemies to be at peace with him, says Proverbs 16:7 and God, in His infiniteness, can use anyone and anything for His chosen ones. But do men allow God to choose?

Before Ambode’s kind are crucified, what about men who teach other men the difference between divine assignments and ambitions? Did the Latter Rain man, Pastor Tunde Bakare, not openly confess that God did not ask him to run a joint presidential ticket with Buhari in 2011? At that point, patriotism, activism and el-Rufaism were the prevailing determinants. In such situations, even if God would speak, it is likely a permissible will that would manifest, because the man seeking His face has already charted his own path. What if that path isn’t part of God’s original will for the fellow?


Re: now aketi dey talk

I firstly like to differ with your opinion that Buba Marwa is now an opportunistic politician, as nothing in the books suggests he is. In actual fact, he has paid his dues, having retired and gone into private life at the advent of the Fourth Republic. He has taken time to build his political structure in Adamawa, just like Nuhu Ribadu, and the result is what we see today as a big-time player in the North-East political space.

Furthermore, even in a federal set-up, where true federalism is being practised, the question of national security takes precedent over any other matter, as you later stated in your discourse. It is evident that we are in a drug emergency in Nigeria and I doubt if the Ondo State Assembly would have been able to differ on the stand of the Federal Government, even if they have the autonomy to so do. I am glad you alluded to the senseless negative effects of drugs in the West, most especially the school and religious places shooting. We don’t want to have that in our country.

Finally sir, even if every form of smoking is wrong, I want to bring to your notice the environmental benefits of smoking. Science teaches us that smoking is good for the environment, hence, collectively, smoking has a beneficial effect over each individual’s personal health. Smokers are just people who have sacrificed themselves for a better world to live in. Let them continue.

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