My problem with painful teeth

I have been experiencing serious pains in my teeth for the past few weeks. Kindly let me know how to treat the problem and maintain a good dental health hygiene.

Abbas (by SMS)


Dental experts have confirmed that the best way to have a good dental hygiene is to brush your teeth twice a day – morning and evening.  They also advocate a proper brushing technique which is the up and down movement of the toothbrush rather than the sideways movement which does not adequately clean the teeth.  You will also need to change your toothbrush regularly (once every 3 months) or as soon as the bristles of the brush start to scatter. The above should of course be done in conjunction with the intake of a well- balanced diet and the avoidance of excessive consumption of sugar, pastries and sweets. However, if the pains in your teeth do not subside despite the above tips, you will need to see a dental surgeon for proper examination and treatment.


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