Again, Lagos, Ogun communities attacked •Victim kidnapped again after N1.2m ransom paid

Suspected militants, again, attacked the Ojuoro and Phase 2, Yewa communities, Ikorodu  area of Lagos, on Monday morning.

They were said to have attacked the communities on Sunday evening and around 6.00a.m. on Monday.

Lagos Metro gathered that the militants had reportedly harassed the residents,  broke into people’s houses, beat them up and cart away their valuables, including huge amount of money, phones and other valuables.

Lagos Metro learnt that the residents had fled their houses  to other communities which they considered to be safer, thereby rendering these communities deserted.

The militants were said to have also kidnapped a man  the second time on Sunday after his family members had paid a sum of N1.2 million for his ransom last Wednesday.

Three militants were also said to have gained access to the communities through the river that links the communities to each other.

A resident, who claimed to have been attacked by the militants, told Lagos Metro that his brother was kidnapped twice.

He said: “No body knows who is who, these people are working based on information. In fact, the way they spoke were very strange, they spoke some languages that sounded occultic.

“What they want is money, to kidnap people and demand for huge amount of money for ransom. They also beat them mercilessly after collecting money from them.

“My brother was kidnapped on Monday, he was later released on Wednesday after paying a sum of N1.2 million for ransom. He was beaten up badly with several injuries inflicted on him all over his body.

“He had been kidnapped again on Sunday. In fact, around 6.00a.m today, they tried to gain entrance into the house again, but they could not, though they broke  into about seven buildings close to  my house.

“I am not returning there until everything is settled, because no body knows who is next. Almost everybody had run away with their family members.

“In fact, the chairman of the CDA is out of his house.”

Another resident, who preferred to be addressed simply as Mr Kola, told Lagos Metro that he was confused about where he would run to for safety.

However, the police spokesperson, SP Dolapo Badmus, said there was no such report and that a large number of security personnel had been deployed to the area.

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