June 12 agitators should stop visiting yesterday –Olapade Agoro

I read the story of June 12 that Obasanjo collected the sum of N3 million from Chief M.K.O Abiola to help organise Military officers against Abacha credited to the brother of Late Chief Abiola.

I see it as a charade, a fantasy; unbelieveable. in the first instance, people have forgotten that Obasanjo as a former Military Head of State was too far above the issue of collecting N3 million.

People have forgotten that Military officers above the rank of Major is a character worth well over N3 million so how would he have collected n3 million to coerce and organise retired Military officers?

If he said Military officer, that’s ok; but saying Military officers – that’s a fictitious, unbelievable story credited to the brother of late Chief M.K.O Abiola.

Obasanjo was a known sworn enemy of Chief Abiola. There was never a time Obasanjo was in support of Chief Abiola becoming the president of Nigeria.

Don’t forget that Abacha fearlessly put Obasanjo in prison; Abacha was fearless.

How would Obasanjo have collected N3 million from Chief Abiola to bribe Military officers? No, that was a story no reasonable person in Nigeria will believe.

We have been orchestrating issues over June 12 that should be laid to rest. Chief Abiola doggedly held onto his mandate and belief. I’ve always told people “Allow this man to rest. He did his best”.

What have those clamouring for Late Abiola done with the vast Estate he left behind?

We know that Chief Abiola invested thickly in Agriculture in the north. He also invested heavily in different sectors. What happened to his interests all over? No one has said anything about them. His bookshop, oil company etc went in disarray and people are talking about June 12.

June 12 agitators should stop visiting yesterday, now consigned to history. We should move forward to today, our reality.

The June 12 we should be talking about is how to revive the lost interests of Late Chief Moshood Kashimawo Abiola rather than playing June 12 to the gallery to make money.

I doubt very much that a Buhari will be ready to give any money out. He did his best for Chief M.K.O Abiola.

I would have suggested that rather than turn June 12 to Democracy Day, June 12 should be named M.K.O Abiola Day just as it was done for Martin Luther King in America.

The best honour we can give to Chief Abiola is to name June 12 as M.K.O Abiola Day.

That’s the greatest honour Buhari can do.