Is it good to use toothpicks?

I have a lot of gaps between my teeth. This usually leads to the presence of food debris between my teeth. In view of this, I use toothpicks a lot. However, my dentist says that regular use of tooth picks is bad. Unfortunately, I can’t do without toothpicks. Kindly advise me..

Abigael (by SMS)


Dentists maintain that a toothpick is not considered as an interdental cleaner, and as such it was not recommended for cleaning teeth. Using a toothpick is not an ideal way to remove something stuck between your teeth. Toothpicks can cause abrasion and damage to your teeth at the base where they meet the gums. This can lead to gum disease and other dental problems. When used excessively or improperly, toothpicks might scrape or damage your sensitive gum tissue. Since toothpicks are limited in their ability to reach between your teeth, dentists recommend relying on a dental floss. However, receding of gums is another cause that can lead to creation of space between your teeth. This recession can be as a result of poor brushing methods and having a gum disease.

Toothpicks are not a good idea, and can even break off and do more harm. A broken splinter can be trapped in your gums, or you can swallow or worse, inhale a piece and have serious problems.

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