Is election war?

It is more disturbing that our elections are turning into wars, with real bullets, as shown in the Bayelsa, Kogi governorship poll and rerun, with thugs as fighters. How can we have decent leaders and representatives in the society from war-like elections that only the stubborn, naughty, callous, brutal and heartless humans and cultists can withstand or win?

I once wasted 5 years studying medicine —Onemu, Chrisland University’s best graduating student

It is so because of high-level rivalry for power among the major ethnic groups, sentiment, intolerance, impatience, over-ambition, desperation, hate speeches, the influence of money on vulnerable youths into drugs and absence of moderation or respect for law or to allow fairness, orderliness, peace and justice to prevail.

Electoral violence seems to worsen progressively for the above reasons without a clear way out since the nation had been helpless with compounded challenges of poverty, greed, selfishness, insincerity and unfairness.

 Moh’d Bagudu,



Nigerian Tribune

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