Insecurity: We need action

In a recent quarterly National Security Council meeting held on Thursday, May 14 2020, President Muhammadu Buhari expressed determination to put an end to the sorrows Nigerians are passing through as a result of the heightened insecurity in the country. The truth is our country’s insecurity has been heightened for a great while and everyone saddled with the responsibility of securing lives and properties is struggling to stem the tide of the ugly development. Unfortunately, very little has been achieved in this direction. Nigerians are greatly devastated by promises upon promises that are not backed by appropriate actions.

One would be right to think that the interstate lockdowns brought about by the ravaging coronavirus pandemic would make it very difficult for criminals, especially kidnappers, bandits and killer herdsmen to operate freely like the pre-pandemic days, unfortunately, we were wrong. In fact, their modus operandi indicates that they have at their disposal a sophisticated master plan of interstate and intrastate routes that are unmanned by security agents which makes their navigation a walkover.

The question on many minds is: how long do we have to continue to listen to our politicians who have expressed various promises and determination to secure our lives and properties when there seems to be no glimmer of hope? When will the common man be able to sleep with his two eyes closed? Why is it taking our security agencies forever to root out this evil called insecurity from our land? How many lives must be lost before we can be guaranteed a safer country? It is even more pathetic to find our security personnel killing many unarmed and innocent civilians in various parts of the country. With due respect, sometimes, I do wonder if our leaders are aware of the veracity and urgency of the security situation of this country.

For President Muhammadu Buhari, as a retired military officer and general at that, there are certain drastic decisions you have to make personally after you must have carefully studied the security situation. Deep down our various hearts, we know these decisions are the best for Nigerians, especially the common man. The President must then give a direct order for the immediate execution of these decisions in order to avoid sabotage. Nigerians are daily frustrated by the lax and incompetence of our security apparatus. This has continued for too long and has placed a pressing expectation on all security personnel.

It is a very good start to know that the President is aware that the citizens are going through very difficult and particularly impossible times. This has been worsened by the growing frustrations imposed by the coronavirus pandemic. This also got heightened by the various shades of insecurity but we want to see the President’s feelings matched by actions. Our security agencies should immediately up their game and also expose the moles that are sabotaging their efforts. It is high time we felt safe again as the days of old. Securing Nigeria must be seen as a responsibility that is very critical and should be taken as such. Except there is security of lives and properties, it will be impossible to guarantee the continued existence of our dear country. In saner climes, security of lives and government infrastructure tops the budget and therefore it is difficult not to notice the desired growth and development that follow. The Federal Government must work in tandem with the objectives of all other levels of government to see to the progress of the nation.


Ishola Akintunde,



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