Insecurity: FG not overwhelmed but insincere ― Ondo Head, C&S Unification Movement

The Head of the Cherubim and Seraphim Elders Unification Movement in Ondo State, Dr. Ade Ademisokun-Turton, has declared that the Federal Government is not overwhelmed in its war against insecurity in the land but insincere in fighting against insecurity in the nation.

Ademisokun-Turton who stated this during his installation as new Baba Alakoso of C&S Unification in Akure, the state capital, decried the spate of insecurity in the country, but maintained that the Federal Government is not overwhelmed but refusing to do the needful.

He emphasized that the government had failed to address security threats in the country, noting that the community policing efforts of the Federal Government was a facade.

He said the war against banditry and other security challenges would come to end when the government is ready to end it, saying the fight against insecurity by the government has been politicised.

He said: “First, we need to ask ourselves if the Federal Government is sincere about ending this insecurity? Are they serious about making sure that there is security in all the country? I don’t think they are serious about it because to me they are not overwhelmed.

“I don’t think and believe that the Federal Government is overwhelmed because the government knows where the bandits are.

“The Surveyor-General of Nigeria have the map of this country and every area and can locate these bandits where they are hiding in these areas.

“Gumi said the government and the Army know where the bandits are, so the government will end it when they want to end it.

“It is not ending because the government is not ready to allow it to end and that is why they are having discordant tunes.

“Some want to dialogue with the bandits, some people said it is unnecessary and the government is speaking with the two sides of the mouth. You can see the consistent inconsistency as the reason for the elongation of the abnormally.”

Ademisokun-Turton, however, urged Nigerians to continue seeking God’s face for the solution to the litany of challenges confronting the country, especially economic and insecurity.

He said with God’s intervention through intensive supplications by citizens, insecurity and the persisting downturn in the economy would be surmounted.


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| FG not overwhelmed but insincere| FG not overwhelmed but insincere | FG not overwhelmed but insincere |

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