How would you deal with a nagging partner?

COUPLES naturally have different characters and ways of life. They come together to become one. While some accept everything that comes their way, some find incessant fault in everything or in their partner’s attitude. Nagging is an annoying attribute which can be exhibited by both women and men. In relationship or marriage, where one of the partners nags, how would you deal with such situation?

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Sympathy Habu

Insecurity and dissatisfaction are some of the reasons people nag and it is better to deal with them with love than arguing with them. Let your actions speak and make them feel special while assuring them you will always be there.


Godspower Olorunsannu

Nagging is a psychological thing. If you want to curb it, you need to be stern, threaten her with break up and if she truly loves you, she will change.


Ganiyat Azeez

Dialogue is one way to deal with it. And when the partner is not ready to put an end to it, silence is indeed another strategy because two wrongs cannot make a right.


Joseph Chukwueze

Nagging is one of the imperfections of human. And like other imperfections, it can be managed. Those who nag have a “want” that needs to be satisfied and when satisfied, then, they stop nagging. In a case where you cannot satisfy those needs, let them know. Only a self-centred person or a perfectionist nags because her expectations are not met.


Emmanuel Adeboye

Nagging could be for a specific reason or general issues. If it’s general, it’s not healthy. He/she is not happy with almost everything about you and there’s no point being in such relationship.  Constant nagging is a form of domestic violence on its own. So avoid it and leave the relationship. But when it is for a specific reason, work on it and your partner would stop nagging.


Bakare Damilola

The reason women nag is because men don’t listen. Women are naturally created to say their mind, men are created naturally to listen and think about what she’s saying but when you don’t listen to her she won’t keep quiet.


Happiness Udoh

Have you found out her reasons for always nagging? She might always need you beside her or there’s this repeated attitude of yours that pisses her off. We have different people with different characters. some are too emotional without voicing out, some are very vocal but in between.  “Communication is the key to every relationship.” It is better not to start a game when you can’t take it to the end.


Ben Idewor

People from different backgrounds can only coexist when they learn to accept each other the way they are. She nags and so? Don’t you rant and yell at her in public? Get used to the nagging. Look inward, if what she’s always nagging about is a problem you can deal with.


Femi Okunlola

Paying zero attention to her nagging and not replying any of her questions or complaints would deter her.


Rey Ovie

A nagging partner is a time bomb ticking. If you truly love her, let her go. Give yourselves space; don’t force your love on her. If she truly understands what love is, she’ll come running. And please don’t forget to keep praying for her too, it’s very important.


Timothy Olufayo

One of the things that put men off in marriage is nagging wives. The reality of life is that individuals hardly change in character significantly after marriage. The possibility is that many tend ‘to behave’ before tying the knots and show their true self in marriage. A nagging woman in a prospective marital relationship is giving the partner a warning sign. She is being sincere with the man. If a man is beclouded by ‘love’ before wedding and goes ahead to get married to a nagging wife, he should be ready to accept his fate by tolerating and accommodating her. It is only God that can change man; no man can change another successfully. The danger signs are obvious, if you ignore it, it is at your peril. The man should prayerfully break the relationship with the nagging woman. It may not be easy but it is the right thing to do. Don’t marry anybody out of pity.



Nero Alabake, a relationship expert is our expert on this issue.

I want to believe that there’s always a reason for your spouse nagging, to an extent. Some people don’t nag because it’s their birthright to nag. You need to search yourself and find out why your spouse is always nagging.   Perhaps, she’s trying to put you on the right track. Well, I would advise you not to take it for granted. Rather, ignore her nagging and concentrate more on things ahead to be a better person. You should tolerate her excesses; help her work on her nagging nature. When you ignore his/her nagging, he/she would stop naturally. Don’t engage in exchange of words with her in most cases; but never ignore looking on those things which prompt her to nag afterwards. Also, check if it’s your fault, then work on yourself too if you really do love him/her as you claimed.

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