How to increase romantic affection from your partner —Lily Oluchi Diyemowei

Lily Oluchi Diyemowei, a graduate of Library and Information Science from Delta State University is the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hustlersquare, a United Kingdom-certified social media and digital leadership expert, educator, business blogger and a social media influencer. In this interview by TAYO GESINDE, she speaks about her foray into perfumery the hate speech bill, among other interesting issues.

When and why did you start Hustlesquare?

I have always been passionate about seeing others succeed. As a banker I always talked to colleagues about starting their own side hustles with my focus on women. Hustlersquare brand was born out of that same passion. The Platform which I started in March 2018 is designed to help entrepreneurs learn the intricacies of doing business successfully in Africa. The platform also helps entrepreneurs boost their followers within a short time frame, collaborate and also make sales. The end result is seasoned and very successful entrepreneurs.


What were the challenges you faced when you started?

The pressure from having to juggle between Hustlersquare and my personal business was a challenge and it was really tough and tasking because the platform (Hustlersquare) grew faster than I expected. I got more hands on board and delegated duties. Then the pressure reduced drastically.


You recently launched a perfume line, What motivated you to do that?

I have always had sensitive nostrils. In fact when I meet someone for the first time, the first thing I notice is how good or bad they smell. A lot of people do not smell nice. Some don’t even know that they need to smell good and not put people off with bad body odour. Some use perfumes that are not long-lasting so they are back to square one after a couple of minutes. I decided to create my line of perfume that is not only long lasting but laced with pheromones and fixatives. Pheromones that make you suddenly attractive to the opposite sex. My line of bottled sex appeal is guaranteed to increase the romantic attention gotten from the opposite sex.


What is the name of the perfume and where can one get it?

We have five different fragrances. The range is called the Jaggyscents and it includes Hustler woman, Hustler man, Transmission, Kimon and  Ji Masun.


What are the things one should consider when buying perfumes?

People should consider the following; a fragrance that gets you noticed, that is long-lasting and that is laced with pheromones.


You are an influencer, educator, business blogger, how do you combine all these and what is your driving force?

It has not been easy, I must confess but because I am a hustler, I must keep going. I have also put structures in place where duties are delegated so that I have more time to myself. The number of lives I have touched is enough driving force for me. When I see the smiles I am able to put on several faces, I am gingered to do more.


If you had to choose one which one would it be out of them all?

An educator. I am a teacher for Life. Teachers groom, they build, they impact, they mould, they inspire, they inform, they direct, I could go on and on. I will choose to be a teacher, over and over again. More so influencers come and go but once a teacher always a teacher.


 As a social media expert, what is your opinion on the controversial hate speech bill?

It’s highly unnecessary. If a lot of things were working in Nigeria people won’t even have the time to make hate speeches. Our leaders should tackle this problem from the foundation. Make Nigeria better and watch love rule. That bill infringes on the right to freedom of speech. What you also call a hate speech might just be me expressing my pain or what I have been through. The bill will only cause more harm than good.


A lot of people call themselves social media influencers, what actually qualifiers one to be referred to as an influencer?

A social media influencer is one who can influence their followers to do something either good or bad. Once you can influence the buying or behavioural pattern of the people that follows you then you can be termed as an influencer. Number of following or being a celebrity does not make you an influencer.


What is your philosophy about  life?

Failing is not the end, rather it is the propeller you need to try another method until you get it right and record success.


What is the most defining moment of your career so far?

When I became a UK-certified social media expert.


What is your definition of style?

Anything I am comfortable in works for me all the time. I do not believe in the saying that beauty is pain. Give me my comfort instead.


Kindly share with our younger readers tips on how to become a successful entrepreneur.

There are different factors that make an entrepreneur successful. Firstly to be an entrepreneur in Nigeria you have to be rugged. You need to possess the ‘Can do’ attitude and you need to be persistent with your hustle.  A thorough combination of quality of product or service, customer experience and the use of reviews as a yardstick to making constant changes is very necessary.

We have just weeks left in 2019, what are your goals for 2020?

2020 will be mega. I am launching my app in December 2019. The app will help vendors find ready customers. It will be the next big thing for 2020. Anticipate!


What advice do you have for young people?

Experience is not the best teacher, mentorship is. Choose mentorship over experience any day. You don’t have to struggle on a path someone else has succeeded in. Instead of struggling, choose to be mentored by them. By doing that you can get 10 years experience in one year. Also never worry so much about something that has gone wrong because in the next five years it won’t matter anymore… Learn from it and move on quickly. Lastly, always enjoy every moment, life should be enjoyed not endured.


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