How to improve everything around you

About 25 years ago, I woke up with a burning desire to grow and change everything around me, but I did not do anything about the desire that was burning my heart, taking sleep off my eyes. This is the kind of desire that water cannot quench! Over the years, I have met with too far many people who were burning with desire to grow, but like me—they did not do anything tangible about it. They desire to grow financially, emotionally, spiritually and in other areas of life, but they are not doing anything about it. Are you currently like I used to be back then? If yes, it is because of you that I have chosen and decided to pen this piece.

To grow in life, you need to have goals that are clear as water! The reason is because growth and goals are as Siamese twins. Those who do not have goals can never grow. I have told you before and I want to say it again that growth isn’t a gift. And it is not what someone else can do for you. Your parents cannot grow for you. Neither your wife nor husband can grow for you. You would have to grow by yourself.

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To start with, nothing changes around you until you start changing within you. Many people have been wasting their time, trying to change everything around them without first changing themselves from within. This cannot work, because your inside controls your outside. You want a brand-new life? Then you need to change what controls your outside. I am talking about your mind. Those who desire life-transformation will need to first embrace mind-transformation.

You cannot be limited in life if your mind does not accept it. If your mind is imprisoned while your body is free, the truth is, you are in prison. There are many prisoners—who are walking freely in Nigeria, Africa and across the planet-earth. Until you are free within you, you are still in bondage. The most interesting thing is that—only you can free your mind from slavery, poverty and mediocrity. Once again, it is your call!

Back to the issue of goals and growth, in 1972, a man and his wife had to save for six solid months to buy a personal growth-kit and today, they have grown so big in influence and wealth. No one plans to grow and follow the clear principles of growth and end up regretting it. It is impossible! I too have paid a huge price to grow. As an effect of this, I have put together a rare training called: “Business-Frontier Advanced-Class.” It is holding in Lagos and it is not for everyone. It is only for a few who desire to grow today, so that they would not need to groan in the days to come. Remember, when it comes to growth, you must be very deliberate about it. Are you interested? Kindly talk to me: and I will personally send you a mail.

However, many people are having beautiful growth-goals, but over the years, they have refused to follow-through those beautiful plans. One thing you need to realize is that no matter how beautiful your plans are, they would yield nothing if you do not follow them through and through. It takes serious discipline to do what your growth-goals say that you should do. If your growth-goals command you to be waking up at 5am, you have to develop the discipline to obey it, because therein resides your growth.

Everyone you see on earth today—who is doing extremely well—has some growth-goals that he or she is strictly following and to become like them, you will need to come up with your own growth-goals and stick to them on a daily basis. If you can do this, in a few years from now, your life is going to completely change and you would come back to thank me for what I am sharing with you right now. This success-principle works. It has worked and it is working for me.

Growth-goals will help you to perform better than you are performing right now and they will help you to become better than you are right now. Do you want your foreground to become better than your background? Then take what I am sharing with you very seriously. Over the years, in my field of working with leaders of varied companies, government agencies and institutions of learning, I have met with too far many people—who desired to be promoted, but refused to become better than they were as at the time I met with them. My meeting with them changed their paradigm forever!

Promotions become very easy—when you become better today than you were yesterday and you become better tomorrow than you are today. Promotions become also easy when you consistently raise the bar of the value you bring to the table at your place of work. Remember, promotions cannot just happen without having what I have chosen to call growth-goals and follow them through every-day. It is a new day for you.

On the condition that the way you are leading your life today was the way you led it 20years ago, it means you have only grown old; you are yet to grow up. Growing old is free, but growing up is not. To grow up, you would have to be very deliberate about it. And when you start growing up, everyone around you would know. The way you talk will change. The way you dress will change. The way you carry yourself will change. The way you handle money will change. The way you relate to people within your sphere of influence will change…

Come next week Monday, I will take this burning and unavoidable growth issue further. Till I come your way next Monday, see you where great and successful leaders are found!