Here! Refreshing coconut soup at your fingertip

Coconut soup is a kind of fruit soup prepared using coconut milk or coconut fruit as the main ingredient. It is creamy, tasty and it is one of the best soups you can have at this period when novel Coronavirus is a burden in the world; disrupting activities. Health experts have advised that we ensure warm food is eaten and we drink more warm water. So, this recipe is perfect; blending awesome taste yet keeping your body system restored. Coconut is rich in Vitamins A and C, hence perfect to take care of your immune system. Coconut chicken soup is filling, light and rich.

• Coconut milk or fresh coconut fruits
• Skinless or boneless chicken breasts or shreds
• Beef is optional
• Red pepper ball(s) sliced
• Minced garlics
• Chopped ginger
• Chicken or beef stock
• Onions
• Brown sugar
• Cooking oil or butter
• Shrimps, mushrooms or crayfish; blended
• Seasoning
• Salt

• Cook your chicken or beef thoroughly.
• Separate the chicken from the stock
• Add very little cooking oil to a pot, about a tablespoon.
• Add the onions
• Then add the pepper balls, chopped ginger and minced garlics and brown sugar. Stir to mix well , then add seasoning (curry, cubes, thyme) to taste and adjust seasonings.
• Add little water
• To make the soup, add the coconut milk and stock.
• Let it simmer gently (do not boil) for about 5 minutes, then add the
• Cook for a couple of minutes until mushrooms are tender, add the
shrimps or crayfish
• Turn off the heat and season the soup to taste with the salt and sugar
• Add more coconut milk if desired
• Serve with the chili sauce
• Sauce should taste balanced between salty, sweet and milkish

Recipe Note:
• You can replace the shrimp and mushrooms with shredded, cooked
• You can add the desired balls of pepper


Kitchen Duty

Coconut soupEgg storage
• Never use liquid leftover egg yolks or whites after two to four days of
outside-the-shell egg storage.
• For freshness, always store eggs in airtight containers
• The best part of the fridge to store eggs is in the middle, not the closest
part to the door shelf of your fridge. The part is prone to getting less
cold since it gets opened and closed regularly
• Do keep eggs in a closed carton
• And eggs should be stored at temperatures below 20 degree Celsius










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