Hair we grow!

There is nothing as alluring as a beautiful crown of hair and it is no surprise that a lot of women are jumping on the bandwagon advocating for natural hair. Growing your natural hair is a process, it can be quite an enlightening as well as health-enhancing journey. Your natural hair is basically a relaxer-free hair, this is different from organic hair that does not incorporate any other form of chemicals.

It is over-exposure to these chemicals, amongst other factors, that result in breakage. Without doubt, another culprit when it comes to the obstacles in the way of growing natural hair is dryness and breakage.

Once you are ready to begin your natural hair journey, you need to first understand your hair. It is only then that you can begin to find out the types of product to use and other tips to grow out your natural hair and avoid breakage. If you study the texture of your hair, the moisture and how tangled it is naturally, your stylist should be able to determine the products you will need to get you started on your natural hair journey. It doesn’t matter what type of hair you have, anyone can go natural when it comes to their hair. Here are a few tips you can use:

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Co-wash daily

Depending on your hair type, you will need to wash your hair with conditioner every day. This process is referred to as co-washing and it helps to cleanse the hair and replenish dry strands at the same time. If you have a particularly kinky and dry hair type, you might need to condition wash your hair up to two times daily particularly in the harmattan months.

Deep condition weekly

In the journey of natural hair, conditioners become your literal best friend. You should deep condition your hair once weekly, if you have dry hair, you might consider adding a hot oil treatment to your deep conditioning. This is applied to the scalp and it helps to seal in the conditioner. You can also consider steam treatment; it helps to open up the hair cuticle and deposit the much-needed moisture.


Detangle your hair with care

The holy grail of natural hair is to avoid breakage and one of the root causes of breakage stems from detangling the hair. You must be mindful of how you detangle your hair especially if you have dry hair. It is best you detangle your hair in the shower when there is enough moisture available.


Say goodbye to your cotton towel

As harmless as it might seem, your cotton towel can pull and stretch your hair, stripping it of moisture and causing breakage. This is not good for your hair; a better option is to dry your hair with a microfiber towel. You can improvise by patting your hair dry using an old cotton T-shirt.

In all, your natural hair journey can open your eyes to other areas you need to pay careful attention to. It is a worthwhile journey that you will love the result.