If being faithful is easy, why then do so many people cheat?

ONE major commitment aside love and care in marriage, is faithfulness. It is an act of keeping to one’s promises or having to show true and constant loyalty even when things are not pleasant. Little wonder, the marriage vow states that it is “for better for worse, till death do us part”.

Many believe unfaithfulness lies in having sexual relationship with one who is not one’s spouse or partner. Some others believe that anything that makes you hide a thing from your spouse is cheating. With the above assertion, if being faithful easy, why then  do so many people cheat?

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Felix Sihitshuwam

Being faithful isn’t easy, if not people wouldn’t cheat. Our nature, for some reasons, prefers the easy way out and being faithful is like walking a thin line. It’s much easier to step on the boundaries outside the line than to walk strictly on the narrow line. I do agree with the saying that “nothing good comes easy”. All we need is persevere a bit – the gains will outweigh the sorrows.


Paul Atat

Being faithful takes the grace of God and the help of the Holy Spirit on a man’s life. A man that gives the Holy Spirit charge over his life and live by His leading will not cheat. Many people cheat because they believe it is a norm. Even friends, partners take you for granted when they notice you are. All a man needs to live a cheating free life is the Holy Spirit.


Sopein Doyinsola

I believe contentment is very important and most people cheat because they are not satisfied with whatever they have. Being faithful is easy if you are satisfied with your partner and anything aside this, is covetousness. Also, with the fear and help of God, we can stay true at all times.


Namso Okon

Being faithful is challenging but cheating is easy. Men cheat, women cheat, but men cheat more. Many cheat due to lack of self-control (for men), discipline, lack of fear of God while some cheat to revenge. For ladies, lack of emotional satisfaction, greed and poverty can lead to cheating


Lanre Oseni

Being ‘faithful’ entails a long term-endurance and whoever does not possess that quality will veer from applying the ‘faithfulness’. Secondly, if either of the parties fails to honour the faithfulness, the faith breaks down. Cheating is illegitimate but it’s a function of weakness on whoever submerges in unfaithfulness.


David Aondohemba

Faithfulness entails high level of commitment, dedication, self-consciousness/awareness and discipline to a cause. When you don’t possess or practice the above there’s every tendency for either of both parties to cheat, while looking for available routes to justify the act committed. Also, being faithful is a “state of the mind”.


Tosin Alonge

Sincerely, being faithful takes a lot of commitment and determination. Some cheat just to get away from the emotional abuse they suffer, some do such to follow the trend. But most reasons point to lack of trust and the thought that your partner may be doing the same.

Olorunsannu Godspower

We are all humans and it is not exclusive in our way of doing things. Are we even faithful to God who created us? Being faithful doesn’t mean you are cheating on your spouse sexually. You can be unfaithful in so many ways, and it requires grace to abstain from such.


Adeniyi Joshua

Being faithful is not easy my brother, it’s a habit one cultivates when one is duly rooted in the word of God and it’s a continuous process. There are many causative factors of unfaithfulness which are infidelity, superiority and inferiority complexes, sex, lacking the fear of God to mention but few. Cheating is rampant these days, only God can deliver us. But the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.


Kike Adekola

Being faithful is not easy if we are still human. Meanwhile, cheating could be categorised into many ways. Those people we regard as faithful still engage in telling lies to convince people that they took some actions for the sake of love. Even for no reason, people cheat.


Dunsin Ogunmoyela

The issue of people cheating in relationships or marriages despite having the sexual satisfaction or required attention from their spouse makes me conclude that ‘cheating runs in their blood. However, we should stop blaming the devil each time we fall short. It only takes grace. If men of God can fall into temptation to cheat, what happens to us who are mere members?



Rey Ovie is an expert on this issue. He noted that being faithful is not an object or area of life, but it is life itself. And its origin is from the Bible. Referring to it as life is because the spiritual controls the physical and God is a Spirit. Meanwhile, walking with God in spirit and truth requires true love, understanding and discipline. Truncating the following gives birth to unfaithfulness to God and your spouse. This particular discussion is designed for the married. Because anything aside a matrimonial home is sinful, e.g. dating. So being faithful isn’t what you can adopt overnight and you live or walk in it. It’s a journey you embark on as soon as you encounter the supernatural. It is a principle that should not be compromised no matter what. Although there are hundreds of reasons why people in marriages are unfaithful and the most common of them all is lack of satisfaction in sexual relations among couples. Most couples see love-making as something ruled out in the constitution of marriage because it was constituted by God. As a result, to some it is unholy when one among both partners libido is higher than the other, he or she is seen as a sinner in the room and most times it results to one being kept on a spot and looked at as one who needs deliverance from the spirit of sex. Marriages are plagued today by this as a result of poor communication or shyness in marriage counseling before marriage. Everything isn’t spiritual but everything should be discussable in marriages.

To conclude, being faithful takes the grace of God and to remain faithful to your spouse there’s need for openness between the two. Also, being faithful outside Jesus Christ is not possible because for how long can an unbeliever bear being denied sex.? The flesh will always want to cheat and a cheating spouse spites him or herself.

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