Fixing Oyo, a collective responsibility

TO people who hold the truth with utmost sacredness, it is no more news that it is the responsibility of every resident to key into the transformation agenda of the government of Oyo State on the path to rebuilding the state so that the people can enjoy the dividends of true democracy.

In terms of education, the gesture of the governor in scrapping the secondary school levy and other fees as a way of returning all children to the class is a good decision and it is evident that other deliberations are on towards uplifting the standard of education in the state in terms of infrastructure and human resources.

To the people of the state, especially parents and guardians who have children in public schools, they must also make sacrifices in order for their children to succeed. It is very important that they do their part by monitoring the seriousness and progress of their children for maximum result because to whom much is given, much is expected.

The government and the teachers cannot do it all, they cannot buy school uniforms and books for the children and they cannot monitor whether they attend classes or not. It is the sole responsibility of the parents to regularly check on their children at school without prior notice; meet the teachers for progress report. If your children must become great in life and if you don’t want to be cut out of their success stories, you must diligently play your part as parents and guardians.

In terms of infrastructure, especially road construction, the government has a long way to go, even though it has pledged to see that no stone is left unturned. The reason for the emphasis on road is that it is the key to achieving maximum output in the agriculture sector of the state. We, therefore, implore the governor to put an end to the hardship of plying bad roads especially in rural areas. To the people of the state, we also have our parts to play in this aspect.

  • Ishola Akintunde