Five must-know facial makeup zones

For true makeup enthusiasts, experts or amateurs, understanding the concept of zoning is one of the key elements to getting the perfect outlook when it comes to makeup application. After all, it is a popular saying that ‘makeup is self confidence applied to the face.’

According to Korean-born Estella Roy of LadyFoxMakeup blog, there are five zones or makeup application and different ways for using products on these zones:



T-zone is the forehead and the nose bridge. This part of the face tends to get oily as a result of having larger skin pores and as such needs regular and thorough cleansing. For T-zone makeup, some makeup artistes prefer to use highlighter here to give the face more texture. Roy, however, advises using highlighter right in the middle of both eyes, right at the top of the bridge of the nose to give a much natural outlook.



C-zone consists of the side of the eyes, beginning from the eyebrow bone, and down towards the cheeks, and here is usually highlighted to make the face look slimmer. According to Roy, the thin nature of the skin at this zone makes it quite sensitive to environmental factors and tends to wrinkle easily.


Triangular zone

This zone is where dark circles form and it is necessary to use makeup to brighten this zone of the face. When this zone is left dark, it can make such person look ill or tired, which is why it needs to be livened to give the look of beauty and health. As Roy notes, this part of the skin is also very thin, such that just rubbing the eyes can cause dark circles and wrinkles to form. It’s also easily dried out and some moisturiser applied and light massage can help to ‘wake up’ this zone of the face.


Apple Zone

Also referred to as the blusher zone, this part of the face is where the cheek bones are highlighted. While it is not very common for blush makeup to be prominent for many Nigerian ladies, for those who fancy such, let the blush be concentrated on the centre of the zone to help the face look smaller.



The U-zone, simply put, is the chin. Highlighting this part of your face with the appropriate makeup will also give it some sense of slimming. For those with long chins, Roy advises making this part dark to make it look shorter.


Simple fixes for beauty mistakes

Smudged nail polish

If you have nail polish remover handy, use your fingertip to apply a tiny bit over the smeared polish – it acts like paint thinner to even out the colour (nail polish remover wipes work, too). But when all else fails, the pros actually suggest quickly pressing the smudged tip to your tongue.


Lipstick on teeth

Separate a facial tissue into a single-ply and use it to softly blot away excess colour from your lips. Then, wash your hands and place your index finger into your mouth, pucker your lips, and pull out your finger. This removes any colour that’s inside the base of the lip, preventing it from migrating onto your teeth.


Smeared mascara

Let the smudge dry (about 60 seconds). Just dampen a Q-tip or a tissue twisted into a tiny pencil-shaped point and hold it over the smear to gently remove it. And next time you’re swiping on mascara, open your mouth wide while you’re coating your lashes. It keeps you from blinking, so you’re less likely to get a smudge.


Too much powder

Fill a plastic spray bottle with lukewarm water and give your face a quick once-over. Or, dampen a bathroom towel, then lightly press it down into skin, starting from the centre of your face moving out to the forehead and chin. Whatever you do, don’t try this using a paper towel or tissue: Both will make your face wetter than you need, causing all your makeup to run.


Greasy hair

Get your hands on an oil-absorbing powder. Household staples like baby powder and cornstarch – even translucent face powder – will do the trick. Sprinkle a little into your palms, rub hands together, then massage it through your roots like you would a dry shampoo. Hair spray can actually help, too; it contains alcohol, which sops up oil. Another option: Embrace a slicked-back style. Put your hair into a high ponytail or a sexy low, over-the-shoulder version and you’re ready to go.


Fried hair

Put down the iron and reach for a hydrating leave-in conditioner or a light hair oil (even olive oil!) to run through your strands, concentrating on the scorched area. After applying, comb through with your fingers. In the future, use a heat protecting spray before straightening and keep the temp at 350 degrees, max.


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