Feminism: Feat to Fallacy

Feminism: Feat to Fallacy
Being a human is not less than a miracle and to be a woman in this world is not
less than a feat!

Ever since humans have stepped their foot on this earth and considered themselves
mature enough to consider themselves superior to other living beings, they have
found themselves in a labyrinth of idiosyncrasies.

Those idiosyncrasies have been a part and parcel of this mortal world, which we are bound to face willingly or
unwillingly. The dexterity of willingness and unwillingness have given birth to
those aspects which have inflicted human beings to such an extent that we still
even after scores of years are trying to find solace. Indeed! Being a human is not
less than a miracle and to be a woman in this world is not less than a feat! Ever
since human civilization, women have been on the brink of scores of atrocities and
barbarities. How much it is heart-rending that we have always considered women
inferior even after ironically labelling them as the better half of society. The
society which comprises of both men and women have always turned always a
blind eye whenever it comes to women. How much it is ironical that women had
been a subject of unimaginable atrocities, sometimes in the name of tradition and
other times in the name of basic civility. And it’s better if we do not discuss the
diseased mentality of men, who consider women as an object as they are obsessed
with the patriarchy.

Without a shred of doubt, there have been several reforms in the varying time
periods which have left no stone unturned to restore the dignity of women. There
have been numerous examples in the pages of the history which have been a
benchmark to those diseased, sick people who have been a blot to any civilized
society. Isn’t it ironic that in this age of globalization when we have a lot to discuss
and ponder upon the various burning issues, we are still wrapped in feminism? Isn’t
this a sign of our own fallacies which we have failed to solve? Isn’t it a crystal clear
picture of our own discrepancies which haunt us on a daily basis? Indeed! Our
sensibilities and common sense pinch our thought-process which continuously
reminds us to be a better human being. But alas! These reminders just remain a