Federal revenue sharing formula

I want to suggest that the federal revenue sharing formula be revised and reversed as follows: Federal Government: from 52.68 per cent to 25 per cent; states: from 26.72 per cent to 30 per cent and local government areas, from 20.60 per cent to 45 per cent.

There is too much money in the centre, yet the federal infrastructure is badly maintained-roads, hospitals where doctors resign in droves due to lack of necessary medical facilities.

Buhari to police: Arrest ‘yahoo’ criminals, but don’t harass innocent young people

The military is still unable to defeat Boko Haram because of obsolete weapons; the government still pays fraudulent oil subsidies; National Assembly members still mismanage our commonwealth, erratic power supply and corruption on every sphere etc.

Local governments deserve more as they are nearer to the people and can serve them better if the revenue sharing formula is changed.


Williams Adeyemi,

Ogun State

Nigerian Tribune

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