Easter: Be transparent in identifying poor for palliatives, CAN charges govt

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has charged the State and Federal Government to apply transparency and inclusiveness in identifying the poor whom relief materials have been made available for amid the present pandemic.

The CAN President, Reverend Samson Ayokunle who said this in an Easter message, commended the states and Federal Government for confronting the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said it may not be possible for the government to reach out to all the poor in the country, but the equal selection of the poor per state with a balance in religious persuasion is necessary.

The  CAN message reads: “We commend greatly both the Federal and State governments for rising up strongly to confront the evil called COVID-19 pandemic. We urge them not to deter in confronting it headlong until we kick out the evil from our nation completely.

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“We further urge the governments to be transparent and inclusive of all regions and religious persuasions in the identification of the poor to which pandemic relief materials and payments are being made available.

“Even after the government has explained the mode by which they identified the beneficiaries, many Nigerians, including the National Assembly’s members are still really not convinced that the poor around us are the beneficiaries.

“We know the government cannot touch every poor in the society for lack of enough resources, but an equal selection of the poor per state with a balance in religious persuasions would have done better justice.

“We shall continue to pray for the government for right and inclusive decisions always for our general good”.

Furthermore, in his message, CAN president, Reverend Ayokunle charged Christians not to allow COVID-19 to deter them from expressing joy over the resurrection of Christ.

“The COVID-19 disruptions of human activities, however, cannot deter us from our joy and victory over all evils which Christ’s unique resurrection from the dead has brought to us.

“The period of the arrest, the trial, the sufferings of Christ and his eventual crucifixion and burial were not only periods of pains and gloom to the Lord himself but much more to his followers.

“It appeared every hope was lost. However, the devil didn’t have a field day for long. On the third day, death couldn’t hold him captive anymore, the Lord broke the power of hell, grave and all evils that conspired together against the King of glory.

“He rose in power and victory to the shame of Satan and his cohorts. The disciples saw the Lord, ate with him and were happy again. Their faces radiated with joy and victory at last.

“Beloved and fellow Nigerians, we shall see the end of all evils challenging us in the name of Jesus including COVID-19. A writer has said ‘Tough times never last but tough people do.’ Even at this time, those who know their God shall wax strong and do exploits”, the message noted.


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