Digital marketing with cryptocurrency

The world is emerging with new trends and technologies that have remodelled nearly all aspects of life. With emerging trends, payment methods are also modified. The modern era is coming with no need for paper money and focusing on digital marketing. Here we have come up with the best cryptocurrency trading platform to invest in in 2021 and a brief introduction to cryptocurrency trading is given below so you can take full advantage of this technology.

Cryptocurrency trading

The decentralized virtual currency or digital marketing where coin ownership records and trading is executed in a computerized database structure is termed cryptocurrency. In such a type of trade, no authority is being involved, and all process is done on your computer with no hand to hand exchange of paper money. This platform is provided with security by cryptography to make double-spend out of question.

For trading, only professional traders can do so. By trading, one can have an easy look at the cryptocurrency price movements by financial derivatives?

Verification of crypto transaction

As no hand to hand exchange is involved, a verification of coins is done. The coins like gold are verified by miners with computer IT power and they get rewards in return.

Record keeping-blockchain

Coins are marketed from wallet to wallet, checked by mining and record is kept by blockchain in blocks. The blockchain is enlisted with sender outfits, receiver features, e-coins transferred, a Hash for fingerprint, a Hash for the previous block.

A new block is introduced to all users of the network followed by verification. A free transaction is also offered to viewers without the miner’s approval by tangle: IOTA’s blockchain.

Growth of the cryptocurrency market

The market works according to supply and demand. The more people take an interest, the market grows with high demand. The market grows with factors like supply: number of coins released, coverage it takes, the value of coins, and full infrastructure in the market.

Pipping and lots in cryptocurrency trading

The movement in price is measured by units named pips. The pip calculated at a dollar level will indicate as one pip if the price changed from $190.00 to $191.00.

A feature for standardization of trading size is the batch or lot feature in trading. Lot size varies according to individual demands of coins.

Cryptocurrency coins list

The trade started with bitcoin, the first digital coin that put a standard criterion and made further use of technique possible. Now many other currencies are in use by crypto traders. These are Ripple, Ethereum, EOS, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold, etc.

The pride’ feature of cryptocurrency is its first coin launched in 2009, the ‘bitcoin’.  With undertaking 68% of the total value the number exceeds 21 million with no further bitcoin production.

After this, the other coin launched was AltCoins as a copy of Bitcoins.

ETH is more approaching and superior to Bitcoins that has smart contracts ability and jumped to 10,000% in 2017.

LTC comes with a speed 4X than Bitcoin in creating blocks but makes mining complicated that puts it at a disadvantage.

Another payment coin is Ripple that is the most advanced and is engaged in work in more than 40 countries covering 300 providers.

One of the biggest competitors of Ethereum is EOS that keeps effective records and transactions by faster methods.

Upside and downside of Cryptocurrency

The upsides are easy money exchange via digital network and direct contact, secure transactions by privacy, and the providence of private keys to owners with very little mining fee. The services are carried out the whole day in 24 hours in 30 days of the month.

The downside includes illegal activities like money laundering. Hacking is the biggest downfall in cryptocurrency marketing that has been faced for the last ten years with billions of coins lost by hacking.


Cryptocurrency trading faces many challenges like illegal use, hacking, exchange rate diversity, etc., but this is gaining importance because of easy handling, online working, transparent structure, and no paper money involvement.




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