Despite challenges, Nigerian will thrive ― NCPC Boss

THE executive secretary of the Nigerian Christian Pilgrims Commission (NCPC), Reverend Tor Uja, has expressed optimism that despite challenges, that the Nigerian could still be the largest economy in the world.

Uja made the remark in Makurdi while speaking at a meeting with all Benue State pastors and church leaders in preparation for the 15th biennial convention of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN).

The NCPC Boss advised Nigerians to always believe in themselves and Nigeria, adding that the myriads of problems bedevilling the country could be solved if they believe more in themselves.

He said the country was facing many challenges because Nigerians had not taken it upon themselves to “come together, reason together and do the right thing the right way all the time.”

His words: “We Nigerians must appreciate the Almighty God for all the good things He has bestowed on this great nation of ours.”

“If Nigerians believed in the country and appreciated what God had blessed her with, “we will begin to think and focus on developing her so that other more prosperous nations of this world can respect us.

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“We are responsible for the wealth of many nations, that is why we must reposition our country to make headway.”

He also urged the church to make the right decisions and to always pray for the safety and progress of the country.

“Our nation is facing many issues, among which is the choice of decision, and I believe that the church, especially as led by great men of God, can make a decision for the safety of the nation.

“The church must, among other things, face the issues of poverty, development, education, governance as well as the spiritual; all these issues must be addressed by the church in its activities.

“What is important is for Nigerians to believe in God and believe in Nigeria. Each person in our land is designed to have two nations in the land – the nation in Christ and the nation in Nigeria. It looks to me that our confidence in Christ is shallow and our belief in Nigeria is absent. Many people believe they are prisoners in Nigeria, but Nigeria is God’s creation and a nation that is destined for great things. All nations were built by people and we can also build our nation”, Reverend Uja said.

One of the church leaders, Bishop Civir Chianson, in his remarks, offered prayers to the Almighty God asking Him to give the NCPC boss “problems that are beyond the ordinary level,” saying that “that is the only way God will lift him higher and prosper him.”

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