Coronavirus: Beyond invading a careless world order

Beyond dissembling global economies since its debut a few months ago in Wuhan in the Hubei province of China, the dangerous and deadly Corona Virus has extended its neutralizing effect on global conflicts. Every nation on the planet as of this moment seems to be concerned with either saving itself from the virus or otherwise protecting itself against possible invasion. For a previously latent virus to possess the ability to engage the minds of nations away from wars is legendary.

For over a decade, the global media has been locked down with stories of terrorist attacks, nuclear threats, economic sanctions designed to force or tale-guide countries to toe laid out paths dictated by world powers or stories of price war on the Brent crude and stuff.


During this decade, bigots and notorious men hiding behind the cloak of religion and political power had refused to let the world know peace. These men treaded the path of greed using blackmail and laundered monies as their weapon.

No one ever imagined that a mere virus could be audacious enough as to be a global foe. The implication is that global politics, as it is now, is a careless world order. The adoption of democracy as the preferred system of administration as far as global politics was concerned kick-started the decline into the careless world order. Tying the global banking system around its apron and using the advantage to finance conflicts around the world in order to keep the soldiers busy, the politicians imposed their unbridled greed for power on our cherished values turning them into obsolete morals.

That way, they turned the globe into a careless world where the chase for money is life and the taste for revenge is normal. All around you, from the educational system to healthcare, to religion and to the family unit, the pangs of politics has watered down everything of value. Leaders of nations care less about the impact of their actions on the overall picture. They let ambition and vanity dictate their actions and so Third World countries like Venezuela, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Nigeria and Myanmar are doomed.

It is not out of place to state with certainty that the invasion of the deadly Corona Virus is the handiworks of the greedy politicians who have turned their gaze to a certain New World Order/globalization for more than two decades now. It is their intention to use any means necessary to commence the unification of economies and the introduction of their very well crafted global currency. China is the worst hit by the Corona Virus but this is partly because of the inability of democracy to subdue communism.

A careless world indeed! Today, their economies are at the mercy of a biological weapon which wouldn’t have taken them by surprise if they had been quiet enough to observe global politics. The huge financial war chest that made these countries proud is now lost. Quite sad, but this is a great lesson for us back in Nigeria.


Comrade Ifeanyichukwu Mmoh


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