COVID 19 : Sometimes, cough is due to TB —Oyo health commissioner

AMIDST fear and tension of COVID 19 infection ravaging the world, Oyo State  Commissioner for Health, Dr Bashir Bello, has said sometimes cough could also be a sign of tuberculosis, urging Nigerians to get all coughs duly tested.

Dr Bello spoke at a press briefing and flag-off of community outreach and awareness creation on tuberculosis for the year 2020 world Tuberculosis day in Ibadan.

The health commissioner declared that persistent cough lasting for at least two weeks that is accompanied by fever, night sweat, weight loss, loss of appetite and tiredness could be common symptoms of tuberculosis.

He stated that like for COVID 19, individuals must avoid living in overcrowded environment, avoid indiscriminate spitting of saliva and sputum and poor cough etiquette as well as imbibe the culture of a clean environment.

Dr Bello, warning that smoking can predispose to developing tuberculosis, stated that Nigeria now ranks sixth among the 30 countries of the world with the highest Tuberculosis burden.

He stated that in 2019, 6,349 persons were placed on tuberculosis treated in Oyo State, including 477 with both HIV and tuberculosis.

The health commissioner declared, “those coughing should ensure they visit a health care centres where screening and treatment services can be accessed free to reduce the spread of TB within the community. Services are available in all the 33 local governments.”

Dr Bello assured that tuberculosis can be completely cured provided that the treatment is started early and drugs are taken regularly for the stipulated length of time required.

World Health Organisation representative, Dr Adeniran Adeniyi, declared that currently, Oyo State has the highest treatment success rate of 93 per cent  for tuberculosis in Nigeria.

APIN’s representative, Dr Olalere Olajide, declared that tuberculosis is the greatest killer of people living with HIV, adding that HIV fuels the spread of tuberculosis.


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