Congratulations to Tribune

WHAT a milestone! The celebratory pullout is a complete fabulous edition of the ageless newspaper at 70.  The paper’s groundbreaking contributions as the voice of the common man, highlighting the woes of the downtrodden, has no equal in the history of newspaper publication in Nigeria.

In each edition of your uncommon contributions, there is always a dose of “uncommon wisdom” to cure the nation’s ills and give hope to the hopeless. This is much appreciated.

Our nation is in dire straits; your sacrificial, selfless service to the nation is reminiscent of the sterling qualities of our great sage and the founder of Tribune, Chief Jeremiah Obafemi Awolowo. Please, keep it up.

This is to wish the paper more selfless service years that will bring comfort, joy and hope to its teeming readers.

  • John R. Jimoh,


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