Changing outdated curriculum

Across Africa, youths are not ready for the evolving labour market because of the continuous outdated curriculum that schools maintain leading to a dire learning crisis.

This does not augur well for the future  as the rate of unemployable graduates in the system has created a major crisis, with rippling effects in every sector of the economy.

An end should come to children moving through the school system into the world of work without the required skills needed to do the jobs and live up to professional expectations, or even to stand on their own as an independent business.

In this digital era, the crisis is taking a new dimension with the introduction of exponential technologies and artificial intelligence, including robotics, as this increases the ramification of the problem.

There is an urgent need to create new set of skills that is lacking in Nigerian schools  to prepare young people for the jobs of the future.

For the African continent, especially the big brother; Nigeria, to move ahead and prepare her youths for success in a technologically driven world, there is a need to bridge the gap of outdated curriculum.


Ara Adedeji, Lagos

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