Celebrating Makinde

It’s been a tough and hectic scene for weeks now as it comes and goes so quickly, especially when one is busy with governance. In the last few weeks, Gov Seyi Makinde has been dealing with issues bordering on Oyo State’s security and some people have criticized his stand in many parts for nebulous reasons. Some people even labelled him “an Afonja incarnate,” a reference to the perception that He is a betrayer of His people despite their loyalty, trust, labour, commitment, and sacrifices towards his ambition becoming a reality.

This is why he said, “He is open to constructive criticisms and not destructive, instead of crucifying our administration based on interest, ethnicity or religion colouration, call me to order where I have made any mistake for immediate adjustment”

But, far be it from GSM betraying the trust given to him by the good people of Oyo State. With all sense of humility, this is one occasion where he had to take various stands to protect the good people of Oyo State. And that is why today, His Excellency had decided to remind us all of our responsibility in humanity.

He said and I quote, “When I was younger, my peers gave me the alias “Makinson” or “Mankind.” I earned this title because I was quite liberal with my resources and also very accommodating. I see people first as human beings and will not make enemies of anyone by association.”

Even as he grew older, he was very consistent in maintaining his excellent disposition towards people. From the horse’s mouth, Makinde says: “I do not treat anyone differently because of their race, gender, religion, social standing or political affiliation”.

Makinson as he is fondly called then confessed that if he was not known for being tolerant, he could not have become the Executive Governor of Oyo State. It would have been almost unthinkable to aspire to govern a Muslim-dominated state like Oyo if the people thought of Him as a religious bigot. And this is why he cannot suddenly change who he is just because he wants to please everyone/anyone.

On a final note, Gov. Seyi Makinde enjoins all to join him in always putting humanity above everything else.


Moyosoreoluwa Olamilekan Eldreez,



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