Cardvest: Trade and get paid in Naira in less than two minutes

Every gift card trader deserves to get their funds paid in less than two minutes to their local account or other preferred payment options. Cardvest gives you the avenue to get good value for your money and also get it in on time. Have you heard that you can only redeem your iTunes gift card on, apple store, apple music, apple books, and other apple-related platforms? Not totally true – see how to redeem an iTunes gift card in Nigeria.

Sell Steam, Amazon, iTunes, and Sephora gift cards for Naira

Almost every trading industry and organization has its shortfalls and places where they are lacking. However, the best trading platforms should supply their customers with the right service, at the right time, and the best rates. These characteristics are consequential to serving customers right and providing the best exchange service for them. Nobody wants to sell their gift card for cash today and get funds in the next two days or never get it at all.

Mitigating all these lapses in the gift card trading industry is what has made Cardvest the best platform for gift card trading in Nigeria. People sell their gift cards for instant cash for various reasons. Some do not need the card now, and they feel holding money in a gift card that can be stolen or compromised is not smart. Others need liquid cash to foot some bills and purchase groceries, clothes, shoes, and bags amongst others.

Having a steam gift card when you are in desperate need to visit the grocery store would be impossible because steam gift cards are for games and games accessories. However, you can sell your steam gift card for naira and take cash at hand or in a checking account to purchase your stuff. Click here to understand how to redeem a steam gift card for cash in Nigeria.

If you are new to gift card trading, you should first be sure that you are starting with the fastest gift card trading platform in Nigeria. There are different exchange rates for different gift cards and their subcategories, but the speed at which exchange gets completed on Cardvest is second to none. Do you love music, or do you own a Spotify gift card? See how to redeem a Spotify gift card for instant cash in Nigeria.

Sell your gift cards for Naira in few minutes

Cardvest is fast and easy to use. Traders can complete transactions without the help of a third party. Should you need to ask questions? You can learn a few things from the FAQs or contact their 24/7 customer support to place your request and complaints. All these sound too good to be true right? That’s how gift card trading with Cardvest works – all in few minutes. Sell your gift card with the fastest gift card trading platform in Nigeria following these few steps:

  1. Visit or download Cardvest on Google Play Store
  2. Create an account by providing your email and some other details
  3. Log in to your account
  4. Select the gift card you want to trade and input the value of the gift card (the gift card calculator will calculate and tell you the Naira equivalent of the gift card).
  5. Provide card details to proceed
  6. Wait a minute for verification, and your payment will be in your preferred account immediately.

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