Can love be faked?

MANY things look like love but are anything but love itself. Sometimes, they are usually friendship that get very close and often last a very long time. Still, deep down, there is no real affection, just imitations and problems that keep the relationship going. Sadly, false love is all too common in today’s world.

Genuine love is characterised by two people wanting to grow together. It implies generosity and freedom. The more real it is, the more it encourages the individuality of those involved. This week on WhatsApp conversation, we asked the question ‘can love be faked?’


Mercy Kabawa

To me, I guess there are two answers to the question.  Love can be faked, due to certain  reasons, maybe for financial stability (rampant), positions, and other material things, but this is a sham because it doesn’t last; it ends when the target is lost.

Love can not be faked; the  truth is that, true love is hard to fake because once you are In love, you get jealous, protective, scared to lose the person, you feel this joy within that is mostly hard to control, the mere thought of the person gives you goosebumps or blushes. Love shows itself as it blooms, so if all these things don’t happen, it means you are faking it because you can’t just get jealous over someone you don’t feel a thing for. Instead, you get disgusted


Olamide Obabiolorunosi

On whether love can be faked, of course

Guys do this very well, you know who you are in love with, but to get what you want from a girl you don’t love, you can fake loving her, give money, romantic words, act gentle and be the best for her, but deep down you know where your heart belongs hence,why you just pretend to be in love with her just for the sex, those that do this are playboys

For girls, ladies stay in a relationship or has more than one relationship, treating all equally but, out of those many relationships she’s in, she only loves one out of them; thus, she’s faking the remaining in the other relationship just to get what she needed.


Mojeed Ajibola Obalolu

Besides infatuation, which can be called childish love, there also exists fake love. It is quite possible for both genders to fake love for each and one another. Can we say Delilah truly loved Samson in the Bible as she caused his downfall?

Moremi Ajasoro, an Ife queen, faked her love  for the leader of Igbo in order to know the secret of the clan. This is to say, love can be faked for different motives; sometimes as a set up or for a pecuniary reason.

As for the youths falling in love out there, the advice is to be godly and seek more godly and faithful partner. Nothing else, nothing less.


Michael Adedotun Oke

Can love be faked? Very possible.  This is possible if there are no genuine interest right from the onset and the persons involved chooses to continue as such.

If both parties are willing, they can remedy the situation and go on to show genuine concern and promote the love they deserve.


Blessing Ayandokun

If we agree that love can be faked, then, it cannot be tagged love anymore. To have faked it ,will mean that it is no longer love. The world is full of many personalities, and some do not mind using deceit to walk their way through. Whether for material purposes or otherwise, people can use love as a wiggle room, and we have seen that in our world.


Femi Afolabi

Love is one; there is nothing like true love and fake love. It’s either you love, or you don’t love.  When you love someone, even that person will know you love him or her because you won’t struggle too much to do so many things, and you won’t have to force them to do some things. Still, I said love can’t be faked just because I know most assuredly that there’s no way someone can fake love for you that you won’t know unless you arei nsensitive and heads over heels in love with such a person, which will becloud your reasoning because fake love will always announce itself, and I mean every time without fail.


Sunday Emmanuel

Love can never be faked, however, the people who show love can be fake.

Emotion can’t be faked. It is an emotion. Happiness. Sadness. Love. Hatred, everything is true. Pure. What is fake is the person who is showing such emotions and claiming them to be true.

Often, we are ditched/cheated upon by other people (friends or partners) in the name of a good friendship or a relationship or whatever. It leads, to us – losing faith in emotions. We think emotions are fake, but in reality, people are fake.

Look around yourself; what do you see? People? No. Masks. Nobody shows what they indeed are until they fully trust you, and to make that trust, it takes a lot of effort and time. A price that not everyone is ready to pay.


Next week, we touch on the delicate issue of finance. ‘Do you think a couple’s finances should be together or separate?’ That will be the question for next week. To be part of the next edition, send your response to 08136601345 via WhatsApp or SMS.



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