Break up not solution to Nigeria’s problem ― Prelate, Methodist Church of Nigeria

Worried by the call for break up by some group of people, the  Prelate, Methodist Church of Nigeria, Dr. Samuel Kanu Uche, has declared that breaking up is not the solution to Nigeria’s problems.
The Prelate hinted that Nigeria can only be better if it is united without breaking up, adding that unity will help the country move forward instead of the call for break up.
The Prelate, whose speech was presented by the Chaplain, Chapel of the Resurrection University of Ibadan, Rev. Dr. Kayode Oyelade, stated this during the 59th annual Synod of the Diocese of Ibadan held on Friday at Mauve 21 Event center, Ibadan, the Oyo State capital.
He noted that provided that no one makes him or herself an out-law and no group arrogate to themselves the right to exclusively own Nigeria, Nigeria would be better.
“Fellow Christians and other compatriots, I am of the strong opinion that Nigeria will be better if only it is united without breaking up providing that nobody makes himself an outlaw and no group arrogate to themselves the right to exclusively own Nigeria. On those who have decided to make themselves criminals or terrorists by whatever name, the government should courageously punish them according to the laws of the land.
He, however, calls on the need to work on security and peaceful coexistence of the citizens.
He said” We need security and peaceful coexistence, while all hands must be on deck to return normalcy and stability.
 “Consequently there have been accusations and counter-accusations as to the source or sources of the problems. The North blames the south and the south blames the North. In addition, there have been intra and inter-tribal communal differences. To be candid, Nigeria is a pluralistic society with multi-tribal, multi-ethnic, and multi lingua ethnic entities. Therefore leadership is very critical towards maintaining peace and harmony in the land.
“The world has an estimated population of two billion people, out of which Nigerians constitute about two hundred million. With the development of technology, the world has become a global village, and what affects one part affects the other, East, west, North, South. For example, the Coronavirus pandemic of November /December 2019 spread like wildfire to every part of the world and  Nigeria inclusive.
“The development and others including insecurity, insurgency, banditry, terrorism, kidnapping, rape and other vices held sway in Nigeria our beloved country.”
He, therefore, charged all leaders to live above board and be mature enough to effectively manage the diversities.
Speaking, the Archbishop Ibadan Diocese, Most Reverend Olumuyiwa Odejayi, speaking on prevailing issues in the nation, calls on government and security agencies to rise up in a bid to put a stop to the high level of insecurity in the country.
According to the Ibadan archbishop, the high level of insecurity of life and property in the country is not only alarming but disturbing.
He added that the dangerous trend of the activities of bandits and kidnappers must be checked by the security agencies.
Archbishop Odejayi also sounds a note of warning that continuous politicization of the state of insecurity will spell doom for the country.
He said” security in our nation is likely a costly pearl being sought by every citizen.
The Archbishop also bemoaned the continuous rise of unemployment in the country, adding that the government at all levels to make provisions in their budget for youths development programs.
” Community policing has been averred as one of the strategies to effectively combat the worsening security situation in the country .the concept is to give policing back to the community and let the community take initiative in identifying those criminals in the community.
“There is agitation on salient issues such as the rising state of insecurity, insurgence, systemic corruption, poverty, infrastructural deficiencies, lack of credible electoral process, true federalism- autonomy for the federating units against a too powerful center. The government should make every necessary effort to address them adequately having in view the peace, unity, and progress of the Nation,” he said.
Speaking on the aim of the event, he noted that the event as an annual gathering of the church has afforded the members the opportunity to restrategize on how to overcome numerous challenges facing the church by coming up with God-guided ideas that will make a lot of difference in the situation.
“Meanwhile this synod as an annual gathering of the church has afforded us the opportunity to restrategize on how we can overcome the numerous challenges facing us by coming up with God-guided ideas that will make a lot of difference in our situations.
Speaking on the theme, “Watch and pray” Archbishop Odejayi, urged everyone to follow one of the Lord Jesus Christ’s teachings which were to stay awake and pray.
He said “Watch and pray, this was the good counsel for us too. When we watch and pray, we will triumph. We will not fall into temptation or be knocked down, swallowed up, or blown away. No matter what we are doing, we need to watch and pray, so we can keep our hearts pure. God has called us to such a wonderful life, we must not allow anything to jeopardize that good counsel of Christ or even allow anything to come in and spoil what has been given to us.”


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