Ban tobacco companies from operating in Nigeria ― Maharaj Ji

The Nigerian government has been advised in the best interest of its citizens to place a ban on the production of cigarettes in the country.

This was divulged in a statement made available to the Tribune Online by the one love family group.

According to the statement signed by the head of the group Sat Guru Maharaj Ji, cigarettes, as produced from tobacco, was described as a leading cause of cancer and other debilitating diseases which has been extensively proven across the western world whose government have duly flushed cigarette manufacturers out of their economies.

“Part of the logic used by the likes of British American Tobacco (BAT) to get government approval to set- up operations in Nigeria was that employment will be generated by their presence and also that much-needed revenue by the government will flow to government ‘s coffers from their investments.”

According to him, the safety of human life is far more important than money-making, as any business that degrades or ruins human life does not deserve a license.

He further made reference to a feature story published some years ago by a new – tabloid on the details of how the British American Tobacco exploits Nigerian farmers who supplied them tobacco.

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He explained that Nigerians are the living witness of the unprecedented rise of such devastating and pocket – draining diseases such as cancer, kidney and liver failure.

He further emphasized that the government commitment to prospering the Nigerian economy must take a serious interest in the health of Nigerians.

Maharaj Ji, said healthy Nigerian citizens are the most important economic asset to Nigeria, this sort of wisdom is what informs generous investment in the continuous development and improvement of life-enhancing and life securing policy and institutional environments in places like the United States of America (USA), Britain, France and Germany.

He added that prosperous economies are built on sound health and hard work of their respective citizens.

“Cigarette is a notorious wrecker of lives, tobacco companies are makers of the poison! Where lies the possibility and wisdom in growing a sound Nigerian economy by poisoning Nigerians?”

He, however, called on the president and authorities in Nigeria’s federal ministry of health to act favourably without delay to avert health – crisis and save the country’s annual loss of billions of US dollars to medical treatment abroad.

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