Aregbesola’s legatum (2)

A certain hagiographer named Bola Ilori is strutting the social media, indecorously employing a genteel mien, to win supposed heathen for the crowd of brethren he thinks, must be amassed to enhance the believability of his saintly narratives of the Rauf Aregbesola years, in Osun. Apart from his semi-thuggish style of handling the beatification, much, isn’t really wrong with the enterprise, for those constantly thinking their belly. At every point in a political journey, every player will hire one. No, we aren’t talking about regular PR, which in itself, has cruised to the mesosphere of absolute falsehood. When you are hired to project a public officer now, your main brief is to lie through his lies. If you aren’t in for such a “spirited defence,” then, you are not the man fit for the job. For those SA Media currently earning a living, offending God’s word in Proverbs 6:19, may He be merciful.

Ilori, like many before and would come after, is engaged in the art of historical negationism. Were it to be in Germany, he would be running afoul of a criminal law, but some are applauding him for heroic bravery of bludgeoning everyday-truth and coating disastrous substrates of the era in focus. Ilori is likely reaching for the play books of forerunners on the Holocaust, Armenian Genocide, Lost Cause et al, and staying with the pseudo-ideology that history is written by the victors, the revisionism employed to deny the impacts of slavery in the outbreak of the American Civil War between 1861 and 1865.

However, it bears emphasis that Aregbesola didn’t walk Osun into slavery. He snatched a state without an identity, which was settling into a Fifth World trapping and already ruled by a hedonist, a frugal conservative and a rural endorphin-driven prince, all, who, came in, with massive weaknesses and limited strengths. Aregbe didn’t ruin Osun, he brought it into ruins and by constantly up-voting Ilori’s poor history, he joined the Cult of the Lost Cause.

In this era of powerful Chief of Staff and in the case of incumbent Governor Gboyega Oyetola, helping to take care of the most dominant investment in Aregbe’s government as CoS, his attempts at re-evaluating past policies as his Revised Standard, are what celebrated psychologist, Professor Nathan Heflick described as a combination of Positive Distinctiveness, Downward Comparisons, Classical Projection and Ego Threat.

Decades back, Sigmund Freud said people cope with negative views of themselves by perceiving other people as having particularly high levels of same negative view. Instead of accepting the reality of you being dishonest, you view others as more dishonest, to make you, in essence, feel more honest.

I like the vibes coming out of the state and they should boil over for the sake of the traumatized people. It is bad enough that the Oyetola mandate is a combination of political and judicial heist, his effort at acting Moses, the deliverer of his people from the Egyptian bondage, is regal roguery. Only simpletons will buy such tomfoolery.

The governor’s camp had tried convincing that Broda Raufu acted his ajantala cognomen all through his governorship, especially in his Season 2, listening to no one, including his CoS. Haba, how is it possible for a man not to have a welcoming moment 24/7, 1,460 days. What about the Mama Kabiru Moment, when the tendons of an average man, are not only weak but knocking. Those moments aren’t restricted to the sensuous. When a man, over time, sees the genuineness of your intentions, no matter how hurtful, there are neurons in his head that would open his heart to you, ajantala or not. If Oyetola never had the confidence of his boss for eight years as being claimed, then both, should be appropriately labeled for who they are, and not the builder and destroyer, charmer and beast picture being zoomed, from the state.

Actions must come with implications and the political cataclysm building in the ruling party, must be strictly viewed from the insincerity of the past and the incontinence of both men, towards the state and her people.

A festering neologism in the state, is Ambode Osun, referring to the governor, meaning he would be denied a second term and many say, by whom, in Asiwaju’s lifetime? But that is thinking man, with God, Jesus assures nothing shall be impossible, though this isn’t a felicitation towards the other side, seeking his dethronement, regardless of where they go to procure a replacement, which is increasingly looking like the PDP conclave.

That state needs a clean break from both the past and present actors and her freedom can’t come from tendencies that have raped and still violating her. Any unpalatable question for Ilori during his twitter rant, particularly on Opon Imo, was always attacked with the usual venom for the opposition, when his little mind should have conceived the thread as a desire by his audience, to know more, to be able to say more. But no, the man, who was out to inform, educate, correct and set RECORDS straight, was just on a vacuous parade.

Well, nothing is actually bent about the RECORDS, except bent minds seeking a fraudulent review. Even when people aren’t talking, it isn’t because of amnesia relapse. Public office holders write their history daily and while still in office. No, I’m not thrashing the place of deliberate misinformation by the opposition or opponents. It is the balance of terror, to deliberate official falsehood. But when both sides are at it, people are, bit-by-bit, taking in, what would eventually be their historical perception of those times and the actors.

Beyond Abere, Baba Akande couldn’t add much value to the state, but no one would label him a prodigal, though his frugality was so founded on cave-age leading, that instead of what he stood for, becoming a numinous mantra for the state and followers, it became the butt of cruel jokes, even among his own. That was his legacy.

(To be continued).




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