Are you worth listening to?

Many times, the most important things in life are simple and free and there is always the tendency to take them for granted. Each day we breathe in and out because air is free. The importance of air becomes obvious when a sick person has to be assisted to be alive by the intake of oxygen from an oxygen tank.

Time is the most important resource in life and it’s free- everyone is handed an allocation of twenty four hours daily and in many cases time is taken for

granted. Many people erroneously try to kill time but they don’t know time is actually killing them. Time lost can never be regained. Time is one product that cannot be recycled.

One other very common and easily taken for granted matter are words. Words are one of the most potent of forces on the earth and everyone who is not dumb can speak. Everywhere people are speaking words daily.  Words are very critical to human operations on the earth. Words are containers that carry our thoughts, intentions, ideas and desires. Words are spoken thoughts and thoughts are unspoken words. Except our thoughts are verbalized they become unknown and of no effect to people around us. It is when we translate our thoughts into words that our thoughts can have the necessary or intended impact.

The world is governed by and operates on words. Wars are started by words. Love is expressed greatly through words. Words are channels to express appreciation and hate. Words can build or destroy. Words are very important and if our lives will count we must learn to maximize the power of words. We must work towards making our words worth listening to. We must make our words to be longed for. We must make our words memorable.

Our words will only be worth listening to if it has relevant and rich content. The expression of content is the attracting force that makes people want to listen to anybody. Nobody wants to waste his time listening to a person who is brandishing foolishness by his speech. To have content we must consciously go all out to feed our minds with the right materials. Our speech will always be a reflection of what we have fed our minds with. Like they say, garbage in, garbage out. We must be readers of good quality books. We must be hungry to learn the right things from the right source. In this day and age nobody has the excuse of ignorance – the internet is not just a place to display your photographs and repost fake and irrelevant stuff but a place to acquire knowledge. There is virtually no subject that you will not find something on the internet. As long as you have access to the internet you have access to unlimited information.

If our speech will have content we must be avid readers and a people who are ready to learn. We cannot afford to feed our mind with junk and expect people to acclaim us when we speak. Anywhere we can build our mind must interest us- seminars, trainings, conferences, workshops etc.

We must learn to speak with authority. People will do virtually anything to listen to a man who is an authority in his field.

Our speech in our chosen field must be regarded as definitive due to our expertise. Our words should be reference materials.  Our words must be so rich that people who listen to us will always want to make our words a guide and a standard. We must aspire to become experts in our chosen fields. We must work on ourselves to become a voice and not be an echo.

Great words will only be the result of great thoughts. We must spend quality time to think through before we speak. Thoughtless words must never go out of our mouths. We must never be known as a people who speak frivolously. Cheap talk is definitely out of the question . . . gossip, slander, falsehood.

Our words must be a reference point and subject of meaningful discourse. Our words must be a source of answers and solutions.  The time to make our words worth listening to is now. How great will it be if each of us is speakers worth listening to?


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