Are you practising misandry?

Are you a misandrist or a feminist? How would you tell the difference? Almost everyone knows what misogyny is and we are quick to tell a man that he is a misogynist. If you know what misogyny is, then, you already understand what misandry connotes; it is the feminine version of misogyny. It is a deep dislike, contempt or prejudice against men whether it is founded or unfounded.

Misandrist are women that will defend anything a woman does whether bad or evil and condemn a man even when he is innocent. These are women who show empathy when women are abused and defend them but are joyful when a man has a similar experience; they laugh and blow it to the public just to ridicule him.

These kinds of women are the apt definition of hypocrisy and double standards and are willing to crucify any woman that fails to see something from their point of view or support a man against a woman when they think the man is right. They are quick to start the trend women don’t support women or women are the enemies of women. For them, a man is always wrong. But what about a feminist? She wants equality between sexes and is not out to fight any man or make life worse for men. They only want parity, equal chances and the right to aspire just like their male counterparts without discrimination because of their sex. All they want is to be seen as equal to men when opportunities come, not because of sentiments but because of their abilities. Feminists will be comfortable to support a man being attacked by a woman as they would be if the shoe is on the other leg. They believe father’s rights are just as necessary as mother’s rights. Theirs is based on what is right and wrong and not blind support. They don’t see every man they meet as a potential rapist entitled to a woman’s body. They know how to mind their business and not interfere in issues that don’t concern them or frown when a woman by choice decides to sacrifice her right. They focus on ability to choose without unnecessary duress.

It is time to stop confusing the two and know the difference. Feminists are not the ones to be crucified or condemned; they mean no harm and are principled to uphold the tenets of right and wrong.

Feminism as it was conceived is an ideology quite different from what angry and bitter women wanting to destroy men preach. It is more of a connecting line, a bridge-builder than a bridge-burner.

When you see women that hate men and are perpetually disrespectful or are always in a bad mood when it comes to issues involving men, do not refer to them as feminists even when they claim to be one. They are misandrists claiming to be feminists and are confused about their identity.

Anyone that finds it difficult to differentiate between feminists and misandrists cannot fight for women’s rights because they will go about it wrongly and lose focus on what they are advocating against.

When you see women that hold all men collectively responsible for an offence even when they know nothing about it, these are the misandrists; nothing justifies the vilification of men.

Know where you stand and what you practise, because there is a thin line between feminism and misandry.


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