Towards a better Nigeria

Political office holders must justify people’s confidence in them by striving to fulfill their promises, especially the ones they made during the campaign period.

The reason for this is because this is the only way that the change of government can make meaning to Nigerians.

The fundamental issues affecting this country, such as insecurity, corruption, unemployment and poor power supply, should be given prompt attention. Our leaders should know that the political consciousness of the people is now high and they will no longer vote for those who cannot add value to their lives.

Consequently, Nigerian political leaders should turn from their wicked ways, so as not to incur the wrath of God.

Clearly, Nigerian politicians do a lot of things which God hates.

They tell lies under oath, trust in deceitful works and so on. They make promises and break them and worship gods, hence, they should turn a new leaf in order to avoid God’s punishment.

The leaders and the followers should go back to the scriptures for God to reveal His glory in all of us, with a divine comfort. Also, our religious leaders should speak and preach the true messages of God to their followers.

Nigerians should re-dedicate themselves to the service of God and humanity. The difficult situations facing the country demands a lot of sacrifice from the collective efforts of both the leaders and the led.


  • Prophet Oladipupo Funmilade-Joel,