TIE Foundation donates food item to orphanages

The Inspired Excellency (TIE) Foundation, a non-governmental organisation set up to raise and equip orphaned sickle cell anemic children donated bags of rice, tubers of yam, cartons of spaghetti and noodles to Rosarian  Voice Community Inc, Oyiza Orphanage Home and Dorcas  Adunola Oyediji, recently.

The founder of TIE Foundation, Ms Ware-ebi Yebide, while speaking at the presentation said she was born with the condition but was fortunate to be surrounded by parents, siblings who love, and care for her.

According to her, “with the help of God, adequate care and love, I have been able to suppress the effect of sickle cell in my life. Because of this victory, God laid it in my heart to reach out to orphaned sickle cell children who never had the opportunity to experience the same parental love and care I had and also to ensure I do everything within my power to give this love to them.

“Sickle cell patients generally grow up with a very low self-esteem, feeling of inadequacy and poor self-worth. TIE Foundation will also address these challenges by giving them a reason to believe in themselves and make them realise that sickle cell disease doesn’t make them lesser beings but strong people who despite their health challenges can still rise up to become masters (kings) in their chosen field of endeavour.’