It takes more than integrity to rule Nigeria —Olayiwola

Reverend Solomon Olayiwola is the Senior Pastor of Glory House Ministries, Ibadan, Oyo State. The architect-turned-pastor, who hails from Ilase in Ilesa, Osun State, speaks with Olaide Sokoya, on issues in Christendom and Nigeria. Excerpts:


How do you think the Federal Government can tackle the menace of insurgency?

The problem of Boko-Haram in Nigeria is the problem of the church. When I talk like this in ministerial meetings, many of them are not always happy with me but the truth has to be told. When the Northern part was ripe for evangelism, nobody was pumping money to the North. When they refused to pump money there, other people pumped their money there, brainwashed them and took them to the other side. I am not saying what they are doing is wrong; it is good that they erect buildings but all those buildings are not what will take them to heaven. God is concerned about the souls of men. That does not mean I’m, by any means, attacking excellence or that people building churches for God are not right. They have turned the church into business ventures. We need to put things right. If we take time to preach the word of God to them, they will also preach to other people and they will not carry guns. Some of our church leaders are not ready to give their money to the church and that is where we have more problems. Somebody has to be ready to go to the North to tell them that Jesus is alive.


Do you subscribe to the anti-corruption war of President Muhammadu Buhari?

It takes more than integrity to rule the nation. I respect him. I pray for him in our churches. We believe God is going to help him. Corruption is not only the problem Nigeria is faced with. Nigeria’s problems are multi-faceted. Nigeria is a place where administration is not working. We need a president with a vision for the people. We need visions related to health, education, among other sectors. The important thing that people need in Nigeria is food. People are dying of hunger every day. A few days ago, while listening to news on the radio, a notable company in Nigeria announced plans to move to Kenya and that meant loss of jobs. I know the president is doing his best. We need to buckle up. We expect him to do more. We voted for him. We didn’t vote for him to build this kind of mess.


What is the basis for the forthcoming church convention?

This year’s convention is going to be miraculous. What Nigeria needs now is God’s spirit. There are a lot of people there whose thinking is not right. If they allow the spirit of the living God to influence their hearts, there will be change. For this convention, the Holy Ghost will minister upon souls to change their thinking and not just heal their body. The thinking power of a Christian must be influenced by the power of the Holy Ghost. Holy Ghost is going to do something new in their lives.


What have been the challenges you have faced so far as a pastor?

Life is full of challenges and challenges should be normal for Christians. Challenges are stepping stones to glory; they are life obstacles that lead to miracles. Christians don’t take challenges as opposition; it actually helps to make one better. There is no pastor on earth with my experience who would say he has not faced challenges.

I have experienced all kinds of challenges including loss of children but rather than discourage me, it has helped my faith. There is no challenge that is bigger than God. If you are really called by God, every challenge will become a miracle and not ridicule. I also believe we are all meant to embrace challenges. Ask great men of God that what are their challenges? They will tell you people. However, the greatest advantage in the ministry is people. Another challenge is that of finance. Also, another challenge is that of false reports. There is no great man of God in Nigeria that people have not spoken evil of.