Surveyors board to offer expertise in reducing cost of projects

President of Quantity Surveyors Registration Board of Nigeria (QSRBN), Husaini Dikko, has said that the Board, through surveying professionals in the country, will assist the Federal Government to minimise cost of projects construction, given the current situation of the economy.

He regretted that expertise of the quantity surveyor in cost management was not utilised across the entire spectrum of infrastructure development, and noted that it created loophole which encouraged leakages, corruption, financial recklessness and impunity which he said the country could not afford at this time.

Speaking at the 2016 annual conference of registered quantity surveyors in Abuja, Dikko observed that the current situation of the economy had opened conversation on the role and need for professionals such as quantity surveyors to intervene with their expertise in management of the drastically-reduced resources available to government.

He pledged that the agency would ensure a regime of regenerative investment in the infrastructure needed for economic development of the country.

According to him, given the ugly economic scenario, it means that the country needs to borrow heavily to balance its annual budgets, especially the capital expenditure.

He said, “Challenging times like these call up the expertise of a nation’s professionals who constitute her intellectual backbone to come up with solutions to the imminent myriads of problems.

“Since we live in a dynamic and fast-paced world, a country’s professionals must be on top of their games at all times. That is, they must constantly remain on the cutting-edge of their respective professions.”