Sugarboy tows Kiss Daniel’s path

Releases debut album without collaboration

Another of G-Worldwide signee, Umoren Akanimoh Felix better known as Sugarboy, has set a date for the release of his debut album dubbed Believe. Believe will be joining the now dynamic Nigerian music inventory on the 22nd of April, 2017 at an exclusive launch party at the Grand Ballroom of Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The Brand Consultant of G-Worldwide, Mr Edward Israel-Ayide, made the announcement during a media briefing during the week. Believe is the label’s second body of work released to fans globally within the space of two years after Kiss Daniel’s New Era in 2016.

Speaking, Israel-Ayide said the artiste and his team has been working on the project for a while and that the album is set to disrupt the status quo in the Nigerian music industry when released. Asked if there were any known collaboration in the album, Israel-Ayide said that the 19 track album only featured Sugarboy’s label mate, Kiss Daniel, stating that the lone-collaboration will allow fans assimilate the musical dexterity of the singer.

He also said over eight producers beside DJ Coublon worked on the beats at different points to ensure a successful outcome. If you will recall, this approach was mirrored by Kiss Daniel, who featured only his label mate.

Asked if its viability and its tendency to ensnare rift among other industry artistes, Israel-Ayide said the decision has become a moot point owing to the critical acclaim that followed the Kiss Daniel’s debut album, New Era, where the album made it at No 8 in the Bill board World Albums chart last year. He further stated that the relationship of the label and its acts with other industry colleagues have remained cordial. Sugarboy had earlier released major hits such as Dada Omo, Legalise, Hola Hola, Double as the album is expected to thrill fan seven more come April 22 when it will be available online for downloads.

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