Style tips for the plus-size diva

BEING plus-size is hardly anything to be ashamed of. In fact, curves form part of the important physical features that distinguish women from men. Whatever society thinks, the trick to being beautiful comes from the confidence with which you carry yourself. As American playwright and novelist, Elmer Rice, once stated, “If nature had intended for our skeletons to be visible, it would have put them on the outside of our bodies.”

However, for many plus-size women, there is the dilemma about being fashionable without drawing attention to their flaws. Below are a few tips to bring out the classy plus-size you.



Many curvy women concentrate more on finding outfits that make them appear slimmer, forgetting that the facial makeup contributes its own quota to making you appear fatter than you actually are.

Fashion stylist, Ms Justina Andrews of BeautyFul You, Lagos State, advises plus-size women to be less shimmery with the face.

According to Andrews, glitter or shimmer will only make your face more pronounced, and as such, rounder. When applying foundation, always make sure you blend it in perfectly, even to the neck. Even those who are slim need to take this advice. Failure to do this will emphasisie your facial features and make it appear rounder.



Avoid tight clothing as much as possible, unless it is to decently accentuate your curves. Try the maxi dress. They never fail to flatter your looks. However, when choosing the outfit, avoid bold prints as they will only make you look bigger. Dark and neutral colours work beautifully. And if you want to wear bright colours, try to tone down the look with a darker shade. Know your body shape. Know which part of your body is your best feature and use it to your advantage. Always patronise expert fashion stylists. The important thing when it comes to clothes for plus-size women is fit, rather than snug. Always endeavour to look your smartest.