Stop destroying our environment, group counsels militants, others

A Niger Delta based Non-Government Organisation, Centre for Peace and Environmental Justice (CEPEJ) has enjoined pipeline vandals, militants, illegal oil bunkerers and indigenous and multinational oil companies to halt the destruction of the environment in the oil-rich Niger Delta region through their activities.

The National Coordinator of CEPEJ, Comrade Sheriff Mulade, made the appeal in a statement made available to the Nigerian Tribune in Warri, Delta State.

According to Mulade, the vandalism of oil facilities by oil bunkerers and destruction of oil installations by aggrieved militants are impacting negatively on the environment.

He said: “The failure of multinational oil companies to adhere strictly to environmental best practices in the Niger Delta region coupled with the activities of pipeline vandals and those stealing our oil are affecting the Niger Delta Region environment. They are destroying the ecosystem.

“ Today, our farmlands and water are being destroyed as a result of these activities.

“Consequently, our farmers and fishermen are being forced out of  their age-long occupations.

“Let us save our environment by shunning the destruction of oil facilities/installations in our area.

“Let those stealing our oil illegally put an end to their  activities. Let vandals and militants stop the destruction of our environment and oil facilities and take their grievances to the negotiating table.

“They are not helping the Niger Delta environment. The oil-bearing communities are suffering as a result of the damage done to the  environment.

“We appeal to those responsible for the destruction of our once fertile environment to halt their criminal activities.